The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 1725 – Feng Tianlan Suspected the Truth 2

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Chapter 1725: Feng Tianlan Suspected the Truth 2

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He could not tell her the truth, otherwise she would rather die even thoughit was against her own will. Since he had chosen to hide it, then he would hide it till the very end. After he had helped her detoxify the poison, he would return to her side and beg for her forgiveness.

At this moment, the most important thing for him was to detoxify the poison, protect Lan’er’s life, and then kill Bi Ling. He needed to do these things step by step.

Even though he had Wu Ya’s spiritual force, he did not know how to detoxify the poison, nor did he know how to drive out the soul, so he could only take it slowly.

Si Mobai felt that it was about time to go to sleep, so he did not dare to stay any longer. He held her face and gently kissed her lips. His hoa.r.s.e voice was filled with longing but also with determination, “Lan’er, I will still say the same thing. Si Mobai only loves Feng Tianlan. This will not change until death.”

Even though he already had everything that Wu Ya had, his heart would never change for her. No matter who she was, as long as it was her, he would love her. “Mobai “Tm leaving.” Si Mobai wanted to let go of her, but she held onto his hand tightly. Her eyes were red and tears were welling in her eyes. Her voice was full of pleading, “Don’t go, Mobai, don’t go. Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t let go of me? So, don’t go, alright? “Tm sorry. Si Mobai looked at her. He was feeling unbearable, but he still let go of her hand forcefully. His figure instantly disappeared in front of her.

Feng Tianlan looked at the emptiness in front of her. The person she loved had already disappeared. Tears dripping from her eyes, she ran forward, trying to follow his footsteps. “Mobai, don’t go, husband..

Si Mobai left the dream and suddenly opened his eyes. Feng Tianlan’s broken and sorrowful cries rang in his ears. Her crying while repeatedly saying “husband” broke his heart and he couldn’t help but hug her tightly. “My wife, I’m sorry.” Si Mobai gently kissed her forehead. Seeing the tears rolling down from the corners of her eyes, his heart hurt even more.

His Lan’er, such a proud person and who was so indifferent to him back then, was crying like this in the dream and begging him to stay. However, he could only leave ruthlessly. “Give me three months. If things are successful, and I am still alive, I will definitely return to your side and beg for your forgiveness.” Si Mobai glanced at the slightly pale sky ad then looked at Feng Tianlan who was still trapped in her dreams. He gently kissed away the tears at the corner of her eyes and said, “Now, I only want you to live well.”

He did not dare to ask for more.

Si Mobai did not dare to stay. He was afraid that if she woke up and saw him by her side, all his efforts would go to waste. Therefore, no matter how reluctant he was, he had to get up and leave.

It was just like how he wanted to spend more time with her in her dreams but didn’t dare to, because it was not good for her health.

Si Mobai walked to the door and slowly closed the door. Then, he quickly left.

Everything fell into silence.

The sky was bright, the sun was s.h.i.+ning everywhere and the earth felt very warm “Yuan’er, Yuan’er.” Feng Shu looked worriedly at Shen Yuan, who was lying on the floor. Then, she looked anxiously at the door as wel.

Shen Borui and Shen Hao looked at the tightly shut door. The tension in their hearts tightened even more, as if it could break at any moment. Without thinking, they kicked the door open and went in.

After kicking the door open, Shen Borui saw Feng Tianlan sitting on the bed in a daze, not hanging from the beam. His tensed heart immediately relaxed and he fell on the floor, as if his body was about to go limp. He raised his hand to wipe away the cold sweat. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

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