The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 547 – CEO Li Is Really Ruthless

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Chapter 547: CEO Li Is Really Ruthless

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“He works hard

Chu Luo looked at the girl who looked like she had been poisoned too deeply

and asked with a dark expression, “Is he as hardworking as us students who

got into Imperial University? If using unscrupulous methods to get to where he

is today is called hard work, what do you take us Imperial University students

who study and memorize books day and night, have no holidays and no

entertainment, for?


“You’re also a student at Imperial University. As an Imperial University

student, instead of revering scientists and inventors who have contributed to

society and mankind, you’ re chasing after celebrities.. don’t object to you

chasing after celebrities, but who do you think you’re being a letdown by

chasing after such a celebrity in such a brainless manner?”

Chu Luo’s words were too sharp, but they were reasonable.

The moment she stopped, the surrounding students echoed.

After all, there were fewer people at Imperial University who chased after

celebrities, especially girls like those celebrities in a brainless manner.

In the end, the girl covered her face and ran away

Chu Luo continued walking forward with Roundy and w.a.n.g Mingtao.

w.a.n.g Mingtao was a little puzzled. “Sister Chu, why is that Ci Jing looking for


“How would I know?” Chu Luo was certain that Ci Jing didn’t know that she was

the one who went yesterday, so it was very likely that he merely wanted to

make use of her reputation to help him.

When w.a.n.g Mingtao heard her say that, he concluded confidently, “There

must be something wrong with that Cci Jing”

Then, he thought for a while. “But why would this person look for you? Could it

be that someone is using him to harm you?

Chu Luo looked at him in surprise. “Did you read the gossip carefully?

“No. I don’t like Ci Jing. I only took a few glances at his dirt and felt that it was

boring, so I went to play games… Why?

When w.a.n.g Mingtao asked this, Roundy said to him straightforwardly, “Peach,

you’re so stupid. Ci Jing is a Best Actor. He went to the audition the day before

yesterday and failed the audition. After that, he instigated his fans to denounce

that company’s boss. In the end, that boss exposed all his dirt.

When w.a.n.g Mingtao heard this, he took out his phone and quickly looked at it.

As he looked, he clicked his tongue. “Tsk tsk, there’s indeed something wrong

with this Ci Jing. However.. why do I feel that the company he auditioned for

yesterday is so familiar?

At this point, he suddenly looked at Chu Luo. “Sister Chu, isn’t that

Chu Luo glanced at him.

w.a.n.g Mingtao immediately suppressed his voice. “Isn’t that your company?


“So, Sister Chu, you’re the one who exposed his dirt so quickly.. Brother Li

must be involved too.”

Chu Luo smiled. “We only started. There are many people who want to stepon

him and his company.

w.a.n.g Mingtao understood and grinned. “Serves him right”

After saying that, he thought of something and frowned worriedly. “But he

actually found you, Sister Chu. Could it be that he already knows that it’s you?

I don’t know. We disguised ourselves that day.”

w.a.n.g Mingtao had seen Chu Luo’s makeup skills and knew that as long as she

didn’t want anyone to recognize her and Li Yan, she could turn the two of them

into two different faces.

“In that case, that person really wants to use your reputation to tide over this


At this point, w.a.n.g Mingtao was even angrier. “Dream on.”

Chu Luo was now very curious about who had asked him to look for her.

At this thought, she sent Li Yan a message.

Li Yan immediately called her back

His voice was low and cold. “Luoluo, don’t worry about this person. Ill send

someone to deal with him immediately.”

Chu Luo responded with an “Mm” and the two of them hung up.

In the afternoon, when Chu Luo went to cla.s.s, she heard someone discussing

Ci Jing

“Actually, in the past, I quite liked Ci Jing’s appearance. I didn’t expect him to

actually find his way to Chu Luo this time. This person must be looking for Chu

Luo to use her good reputation to clear his name. That’s quite despicable.”

“Yes, he’s a despicable man. For this, I even went online to write an anonymous

essay to scold him.”

“So that essay was written by you. I saw that many people liked it. Even our

teachers and professors at Imperial University liked it.”

“Previously, I didn’t know that there was such a person. Just because he came

to look for Chu Luo this afternoon, I specially checked all his information..

This kind of person climbed up the social ladder by stepping on others in the

early stages. I didn’t expect him to actually dare to have designs on Chu Luo.

If he wants to have designs on Chu Luo, he has to see if us Imperial University

students agree.”


When Chu Luo went to the Student Union office building after cla.s.s in the

afternoon, Yu Tong pulled her and asked, “Chu Luo, did that Ci Jing affect you?

“How will he affect me? He’s just an ignorant person.”

“That’s right. I really wonder why he thought of looking for you. Could it be

that his company gave him this idea?

As Yu Tong spoke, she immediately took her phone and said, “Your boyfriend

must know about this too. I really feel sorry for that company. Your boyfriend

might already be dealing with that company Tsk_ CEO Li is really ruthless.”

Chu Luo tilted her head and glanced at Yu Tong’s phone. She saw a few large

words on it: “XX Entertainment Corporation has been banned because of XX

and XX. They have now arrested all the heads of XX Corporation and they are

undergoing further investigations.”

Meanwhile, Ci Jing hadn’t expected that listening to his CEO’s suggestion and

going to Imperial University to seek Chu Luo’s help, would have resulted in

such a huge calamity. Hiding in an old residential building, he threw his ninth

cigarette b.u.t.t into the ground and snuffed it out with the tip of his toes. He

cursed softly, “F*ck, when have I ever been so down-and-out!

No longer as respectful and subservient as before, the a.s.sistant standing

beside him said in an accusing tone, If you hadn’t refused to listen to my

advice and insisted on privately mobilizing your fans to denounce Phoenix

Corporation, and even tried to defame Phoenix Corporation on Weibo, how

could we have become street rats?

Ci jing glanced at his a.s.sistant with a gloomy gaze and said in a low voice, “Ts

there a use in saying this now? Why didn’t you say it before?

The a.s.sistant gritted his teeth in anger. “Now you’re blaming me? Could I have

stopped you?

After saying that, he kicked the rubbish bin beside him over and sneered at

him. Your path to stardom is over now. I don’t want to be a street rat with you

anymore, so I won’t stay here with you any longer.

What do you mean?

Ci Jing was so angry that his eyes turned red. “Brother Hong asked you to take

good care of me. Do you want to leave now?

“Brother Hong? Ha! Brother Hong can’t even save himself now. Im not his

servant. Why should I keep taking care of you?”

“Brother Hong gave you money. You can leave if you want, but give me the

money.” Ci Jing had checked his account in the morning. All the a.s.sets under

his name had been frozen. He didn’t want to experience a day where he was so

penniless that he couldn’t even afford a piece of bread.

The a.s.sistant was so angry that he laughed. “Pfft, I think you’re crazy about

money. I have no money.”

After saying that, he flicked his sleeve and was about to leave.

Ci Jing wouldn’t let him leave. His eyes turned red and he shouted, “Don’t


The a.s.sistant simply ignored him and continued walking towards the door.

Ever since Ci Jing became the Best Actor, he had been used to being flattered by

everyone. How could he stand being treated in this manner by his usually

meek a.s.sistant?

He quickly glanced to the side and saw a red wine bottle on a table not far away.

He walked over, took the bottle, chased after his a.s.sistant, and smashed it on

the back of his head.


The a.s.sistant touched the back of his head in disbelief. When he felt the blo0od

on his hand, his eyes turned red.

“Ci Jing, Im going to kill you.

Ci ing started fighting with his a.s.sistant when the latter pounced on him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Clang! Clang! Clang!


F ck


Ten minutes later, the room finally regained its calm.

Ci Jing lay on the floor in exhaustion. The pungent smell of blood filled his

nose. He tilted his head to look at the a.s.sistant lying on the other side without

moving. He had already guessed what was wrong with the a.s.sistant, but his

face was calm.

He had nothing left now and didn’t care about killing anyone.

At the thought of this, a trace of revengeful pleasure flashed across his heart.

After more than half an hour, a surge of fear suddenly surged in Ci Jing’s heart.

This emotion became more and more intense. In the end, he actually had the

feeling that his a.s.sistant had suddenly come alive and was strangling his

throat to take his life.

Ci Jing subconsciously covered his neck with his hands and opened his mouth

to make a sound, but he realized that he couldn’t make a sound at all.

At this moment, he suddenly saw a black figure standing by his feet.

Ci Jing widened his mouth and finally screamed in fear, “Ah.

However, his scream quickly disappeared, and the black shadow entered his

body at the same time.

After two minutes, Ci Jing suddenly got up from the ground. He looked at the

corpse lying beside him and a ball of black aura pa.s.sed through his hand. The

corpse had actually turned into Ci Jing.

Then, he let out a cackling laugh. After laughing, he moved his neck and body

and licked his lips.

“Not a bad body. Since you’re already at your wits end, Ill live on your behalf…

Don’t worry, I’ll help you take revenge for whoever stepped on you. Ga ga ga.

Ci Jing paused for a while and said, “Tl start with the people chosen by the

Phoenix Corporation first. Consider it your reward for giving me this body. Ga

ga ga

After saying that, the appearance on his face started to change. After a while,

his appearance was no longer Ci Jing’s. He became even more feminine and it

was difficult to distinguish his gender. After walking onto the street, he tumed

many heads, but no one could recognize that he was Ci Jing.

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