The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 549 – Why Is Senior Here?

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Chapter 549: Why Is Senior Here?

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Seeing this, Li Yan suddenly jumped onto the school path and stopped.

Chu Luo also stopped.

As Li Yan had come from the office directly, he was still wearing his suit. He took off his suit and threw it to Chu Luo. “Luoluo, help me hold the suit.”

After saying that, he held a laser gun in one hand and a thin whip in the other. He jumped again and continued chasing at a faster speed than before.

Chu Luo hugged his suit and followed behind him.

Soon, Li Yan caught up to that person. He fired his laser gun and flicked his thin whip.



The laser hit the robot’s back and a piece of it melted.

The whip hit the robot’s leg, and the robot’s leg joint bent. Even the person on its back flew into the trees at the same time.

Li Yan went after the robot and started fighting with it.

Seeing that the person didn’t come out, Chu Luo strode towards the forest.

‘When she got there, she only had time to see a tree swaying in a wide arc. Chu Luo turned to Li Yan and said, “Yan, that person ran away. I’ll go after him.”

With that, she chased after him.

That person specifically chose to escape from the flower beds in the trees. As Chu Luo chased, she plucked the leaves from the tree and attached magic power to it. With a swoosh, she threw them at that person.


The person fleeing in front was. .h.i.t by a leaf. He groaned and staggered, looking like he was about to fall to the ground.

However, as he fell, he stabilized himself and fled towards another path.

Chu Luo continued to chase after him. There was a school path behind the trees which led to another forest.

Just as Chu Luo continued to chase after him, the sound of a bike ringing came from the side.


“Student, move aside.”

Nangong Yi’s worried voice sounded.

Chu Luo looked at Nangong Yi, who had suddenly appeared, and was a little displeased. She wondered why he had come at this time.

Injust a short while, a bike drove over.

Chu Luo stood there without moving. Nangong Yi tumed the steering wheel, but he didn’t control it well and slammed the front wheel onto the steps beside him.


Nangong Yi reacted quickly. As soon as the bike hit the steps, he jumped down.

Chu Luo stood there and looked at him.

Nangong Yi looked at Chu Luo in surprise and asked, “Junior, didn’t you leave the school? Why are you still here?”

Chu Luo asked, “Why is Senior here?”

“Tcame out after I took my things.”

After saying that, he tured to look at the box that had been thrown to the ground. He walked over, picked it up, and opened it. Then, he said with a troubled expression, “Looks like I can’t explain to my father tonight.”

Chu Luo glanced at the piece of jade in the box and didn’t say anything. She continued chasing after that person.

“Junior.” Nangong Yi quickly stopped her. “What are you doing?”

“Chasing a thief.”

“What? A thief has entered Imperial University?”

Nangong Yi frowned and stopped feeling sorry for the piece of jade in his hand. He placed it beside the box and took out his phone. “Imperial University is so big. It’s too slow for you to catch up by yourself. I’ll call the school’s security office.”

Chu Luo didn’t stop him and walked over with Li Yan’s coat.

Seeing her leave, Nangong Yi called as he ran after her.

After he told the security guard what had happened, he asked Chu Luo, “Junior, what does that person look like? What special abilities does he have?”

“He can turn invisible.”

After Chu Luo said these three words, she said to him, “Don’t chase alongside me. When Yan comes, you just have to help me tell him which direction I went.”

Hearing her say that, Nangong Yi stopped. “Alright.”

Chu Luo glanced at him, jumped up, and quickly chased after that person.

In the end, she still lost that person.

Chu Luo stood on the sidewalk waiting for Li Yan.

Li Yan arrived quickly.

Chu Luo handed him his coat.

Li Yan put it on and pulled her into his arms. “Did you catch up to that person?”

“No.” Chu Luo shook her head and tilted her head to look at him. “But I left something on that person. You can directly send people to continue chasing.”

After saying that, she placed her hand in his large one and felt the warmth in it. She asked him, “Did you see Senior Nangong just now?”

“Yeah. He told me you came in this direction.”

The two of them walked to the side.

Li Yan looked at her expression and saw that she was obviously unhappy. He asked, “Are you angry with him?”

“Mm.” Chu Luo nodded. “If he hadn’t suddenly appeared, I would have caught that person.”

“Didn’t you already leave something on that person? Capturing him now is the same as capturing him later.”

“It’s different. That person could control the robot. If !’m not wrong, he must be the person who created the robot invisibility technology that Neeson mentioned before. I want to catch him quickly.”

Even if Chu Luo didn’t say anything, Li Yan knew why she wanted to capture him.

Li Yan looked at her angry expression and hugged her tightly. He lowered his head and kissed the top of her head. “Il send someone to catch him immediately.”


Not long after the two of them walked out, Chu Luo received a call from Nangong Yi.

Nangong Yi asked in concern, “Junior, have you caught that thief?”

Chu Luo replied, “No.”

Nangong Yi: “Did I hinder you from chasing that person just now?”

Chu Luo: “Yes.”

Nangong Yi: “…”

After a few seconds, Nangong Yi said apologetically, “Sorry, Junior. Tell me what I can do now, as long as it can appease you.”

‘When Chu Luo heard this, her eyes darted around and she said, “How about this? Help me buy an osmanthus cake at Yipinzhai Pastry Shop outside the school and a cup of milk tea, and I’ll forgive you.”

‘When Nangong Yi heard this, he was stunned for two seconds before saying with a smile, “Okay.”

The two of them hung up.

Chu Luo said, “Let’s go to the technology building to see how Haozi is dealing with those robots.”


The two of them went to the technology building.

At this moment, Sun Tianhao was standing on the steps outside the technology building, commanding his subordinates to deal with the robots that had been shot into sc.r.a.p metal.

‘When he saw Chu Luo and Li Yan approaching, he quickly strode over and asked, “Have you caught the culprit?”


Sun Tianhao was a little surprised. “Even with Qinggong, you guys failed to catch him? Did the other party ride a rocket?”

Chu Luo glanced at him and told him what had happened.

‘When Sun Tianhao heard this, he rubbed his chin and thought for a while. He said, “Nangong Yi really appeared at the wrong time. If I hadn’t investigated his family background and his various performances in school, I would have thought that he was in cahoots with Ink Feather’s men.”

These words made Li Yan narrowed his eyes. He planned to send someone to investigate the Nangong family again.

Chu Luo wrinkled her nose. “If he’s one of Ink Feather’s men, he concealed it too perfectly.”

Thinking about what she had asked Nangong Yi to do, Chu Luo thought: ‘You better not be one of Ink Feather’s men.’

At this moment, Sun Tianhao told the two of them about the situation on his side. “We dealt with a total of eight robots.”

At this point, he snorted. “Ink Feather’s people are really confident. Do they think they can enter this building every time because they could last time?”

“Ha! They didn’t fulfill their employer’s request.”

“Could it be that they want to steal the gaming capsule for research?”

“It’s possible.”

“E*ck! Do they really think the Sun family doesn’t exist? I must catch that person tonight!” Sun Tianhao rolled up his sleeves.

“Don’t be anxious. I left something on that person after he came in. I should be able to catch him soon.”

“Like what?”

“It’s a secret.”

Sun Tianhao gritted his teeth at Chu Luo’s semi-secretive words. At this moment, he suddenly thought of Li Yan standing him up this weekend. He glared at Li Yan and asked through gritted teeth, “Li, do you remember what we agreed to do this weekend?”

Li Yan glanced at him coldly and said, “You can’t beat me.”

“Hey!” Sun Tianhao’s compet.i.tive spirit was instantly aroused. He rolled up his sleeves and said, “We haven’t even competed. How do you know that I can’t beat you… No, just based on what you said, if we don’t compete tonight, don’t even think about leaving.”

“Haozi, you…” Chu Luo wanted to say that he shouldn’t embarra.s.s himself.

Sun Tianhao turned to look at her and corrected her loudly, “Call me Brother.”

Chu Luo retracted her words and prepared to stand at the side to watch the show.

“yan, since he’s been thinking about this, why don’t you compete with him?”

Li Yan responded with an “Mm” and took off his coat to hand to Chu Luo.

‘When Sun Tianhao saw Li Yan’s action, he immediately took off his weapon and threw it to a subordinate standing at the side. He said to Li Yan arrogantly, “Tl remove all my weapons now. This way, you can’t blame me if you lose.”

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