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Chapter 347: Depart for Rosendal

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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I had been quite busy ever since I informed my household that my party will be leaving for the Rosendal dungeon soon.

[6] ‘Soon’ and not right away as Fer had wanted because there were just too many things to take care of if I were to go on an extended trip.

First, there was the installation of the magic tool to strengthen the mansion’s security. [1] The magic tool creates a fairly simple Barrier that also acted as an alarm that alerts the household in case of intruders.

It cost me 850 gold including installation, but I deemed it a necessary expense.

After that, I wanted to inform Lambert-san about my impending trip but he had already left for the Royal Capital. According to his wife, Marie-san, he had already set out in great style with twice as many Adventurer escorts than usual.

“My husband said something about this being a great opportunity to expand our little store,” [3] said Marie-san with a smile.

Well, with the introduction from the Count, we could sell the Divine Medicine-Hair Power to other influential n.o.bles, so it was a great opportunity for a smart merchant.

Anyway, I leave the business side of things to Lambert-san. Please do your best, Lambert-san.

[4] “My party will be leaving for Rosendal soon. The inventory will be taken care of by Costi-kun, one of my young employees. Please contact him for supplies whenever you need them.”

[4] “The price is fixed, so that makes things simple,” said Marie-san. “I shall issue an IOU wooden tag each time we take something from Costi-kun and settle the payment when you return.”

[6] “Works for me,” I said, having forgotten about this part of doing business. That’s right, it’s best that my people don’t handle large amounts of money. It’s a security risk. Not that I’d think that anyone would try to embezzle. Not even the twins.

[6] Okay, maybe the twins.

[6] No, no, what I meant to say is, carrying too much money could bring trouble. Especially if they have an established routine. That’s how people get robbed.

Anyway, after Lambert’s the next stop was the Adventurer’s Guild.


The Guild Master greeted me happily as usual. However, when he heard that I would be leaving soon, he coughed and said casually, “Why don’t you relax a little more in the city?”

“Ahaha, I’d like to but my familiars really wanted to go challenge a dungeon. You see…”

We both turned to look at where the familiars had settled themselves in a corner. Fer was making that threatening ‘gunununu’ sound again.

“I hope you understand,” I said again.

“Haahh… I supposed…”

“We’ll probably be back in three months’ time at most,” I tried to rea.s.sure him.

Later, I met with Old Man Johan at the warehouse and asked him to dismantle the following monsters for me:

5 x Orcs

5 x Blue Bulls

5 x c.o.c.katrices

5 x b.l.o.o.d.y Horn Bulls

1 x Rockbirds

Since I will be away for about three months, I want to make sure my servants have enough meat to last them that long. While I did plan to return within the stated time, it’s still important for everyone to have enough food just in case. That was why I wanted to give them more meat since more is better than less but Aiya and Teresa stopped me by declaring that ‘It’s too much!’.


I’m really not sure what they meant by that. It’s not like the meat would spoil since I’ve let them rent the magic bag from me.

Anyway, to make sure my household has three months’ worth of meat, [1] I had made Old Man Johan work hard.

I should compensate him a little for troubling him. Perhaps some special meat from the Meat Dungeon as a souvenir?

Anyway, aside from meat, I also provided my people with seasoning, bread, eggs, and milk. I also bought local flour and sacks of vegetables for stock.

For extra guarantee, I gave everyone 3 months’ worth of advance remunerations too, as well as miscellaneous items such as cleaning supplies, stationeries, etc. Just in case they run out.

The City of Rosendal seems to be quite far away, [6] but I had been preparing a lot of food lately, so hopefully, it will be fine. [6] You know what, I should prepare more, I have kitchen helpers now so the work of making food would go more quickly.

Oh yes, I should also report to Demiurgos-sama and send him an early offering. [6] I really don’t want to forget while travelling on the road.

Let’s see. I should hand in two weeks’ worth of offerings.

This time, I prepared a set of three bottles of saké from the Yamaguchi Prefecture; one of the three was famously [9] gifted to the US President by our Prime Minister. Since it was for two weeks’ worth of offering, I also got a set of three bottles from Aichi Prefecture that was said to be quite popular overseas.

Since I had offered wine and rum before, this time, I chose to offer brandy for Demiurgos-sama’s tasting pleasure. I picked a basic brandy with a mild flavour that was said to be easy even for beginners to drink.

Naturally, I also included premium canned goods in the offering.

I am no longer responsible only for just myself or my party. With so many things to take care of, even though I did my best to hurry, it was three days before our party was ready to leave for the dungeon.

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Everyone at the house saw us off.

“I don’t think we should worry for Mukouda-san’s safety, but still, do be careful,” [7] said Tabasa cheerfully.

“Hehe, you too, Tabasa. You’re the most reliable here, so I’ll depend on you to look after the rest,” I said.

“I understand, Mukouda-san may count on me,”

Having the st.u.r.dy and reliable looking Tabasa say this to me really made me feel at ease.

“You’re going to the meat dungeon, right? Bring back lots of meat!”

“They say that meat from the meat dungeon is super delish!”

The twins called from one side, looking very excited.

“Delish meat? Lotte wants to try delish meat too!” cried Lotte as she hopped in place.

“Hahaha, I’ll bring back souvenirs for everyone~!” [5] I waved at them. “I’ll be leaving now~!”

“Take care!!”

“Right, time to depart for Rosendal!”

“Umu, about time.”

““Yeah!! Let’s goooo!!!””

““Dungeon~! Dungeon~!””

Thus, we departed for the Rosendal Dungeon, otherwise known as the ‘meat dungeon.

[Gumihou: I’m kind of interested to know what kind of monsters live in a ‘meat dungeon’]

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