Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion Chapter 745 – I Just Had a Full Meal, so It’s Not Appropriate

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Chapter 745: I Just Had a Full Meal, so It’s Not Appropriate

to Go to Sleep So Soon

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Wei Zhiqian had no choice but to withdraw one of his hands that was wrapped

around her, gathered all the hair around her ear, and moved it to the other side

of her shoulder.

Leaving that side of her neck and shoulders completely exposed.

Wei Zhiqian’s long fingers gently pinched the back of Tan Mo’s neck. Tan Mo

didn’t know how he did it, but she only felt an electric current running from

her spine and lost all the strength to support herself.

She didn’t even have the strength to shrink her shoulders.

Wei Zhiqian instantly took advantage of her relaxed state.

Tan Mo’s mind was a little clouded and she subconsciously tilted her head to

give Wei Zhiqian more s.p.a.ce.

Wei Zhiqian chuckled, and his hot breath landed on Tan Mo’s neck, causing her

to s.h.i.+ver.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

It had rung for some time before they snapped out back to their senses.

Tan Mo poked Wei Zhiqian gently with her soft fingertip. “The takeout has

probably arrived.”

Although the weather at the end of March was still cold, the building was

equipped with a thermostat system. All the residents had one in their homes.

Therefore, regardless of the seasons, the temperature in the house constantly

felt as though it was Spring

During Winter, the Northern cities would focus on heating.

Sometimes, it would get too warm, so the windows had to be opened up.

However, Yijing did not install any heating facilities at all. Because of the

thermostat system, it did not require additional heating.

The houses would maintain a suitable temperature even on cold winter days.

Thus, the clothes that Wei Zhiqian and Tan Mo usually wore at home were

made of thin silk.

Tan Mo’s fingertips were prodding at Wei Zhiqian’s abdomen, and he could feel

the warmth from her fingertips through the thin silk material.

Wei Zhiqian immediately felt irritated. The temperature in the house wasn’t as

comfortable as it was anymore.

He felt hot all over.

“Hurry, go open the door.

Tan Mo didn’t realize anything and poked Wei Zhiqian again.

Why didn’t Tan Mo go and open the door?

It’s because her legs were so weak that she couldn’t even stand up. If she got

up, she would fall back

What a shameful bunch.

Wei Zhiqian held Tan Mo’s hand and pinched the tip of her finger before he got

up and went to the door.

He opened the door of the robot’s stomach and grabbed the takeout before

closing it again.

“Enjoy your meal.” After the robot said that, it turned around and went back to

the elevator.

Wei Zhiqian carried the takeout and headed to the dining room.

Tan Mo stayed on the sofa for a bit longer to calm down before joining Wei


The takeout was still piping hot. Wei Zhiqian was opening the boxes in his

hand, but his gaze was fixed on Tan Mo.

Tan Mo felt as if she was being targeted by a wolf.

Wei Zhiqian didn’t say anything, but his eyes clearly said, “Compared to eating

this, I want to eat you more.”

Fortunately, Wei Zhiqian sat down obediently.

Tan Mo heaved a sigh of relief.

She wasn’t used to being separated from Wei Zhiqian for seven days.

Moreover, Wei Zhiqian wouldn’t usually let situations like earlier wrap up so


Wei Zhiqian had even said shamelessly, “I have to do my best in everything I

It’s the same when I was in school, when I entered Wei Feng’s work, and

when it comes to our compatibility exercises.”

Tan Mo could only give him a speechless expression.

He didn’t have to do his best in this aspect.

Ever since the two of them lived together, Wei Zhiqian had been extremely

diligent. Even if he worked overtime and came back late, he would plow into

her endlessly.

After they were done, he was in no discomfort whatsoever. He was even so

energetic that he couldn’t even sleep.

However, Tan Mo would lay paralyzed on the bed, unable to move an inch.

Every time, she would think about not coming over for the entire upcoming


It was too exhausting

During the seven days when Wei Zhiqian wasn’t around, she managed to finally

get some good sleep even though she missed him and rested especially wel

If Wei Zhiqian wanted it now, Tan Mo foresaw that she would be completely

immobilized this afternoon and wouldn’t be able to go to school.

Hence, she heaved a sigh of relief and decided that after dinner, she would

advise Wei Zhiqian to go to sleep and not think about doing anything else.

After dinner, Wei Zhiqian cleaned up the containers and threw them into the

garbage room in the corridor.

There would be a cleaning lady who would come and do the sorting of garbage.

The residents here didn’t have to do it themselves.

T just had a full meal, so it’s not appropriate to go to sleep so soon.” Wei

Zhiqian said as he smiled and looked at Tan Mo.

If the hint in his words wasn’t obvious, the hint in his eyes was very obvious.

“You just finished eating, so it’s not appropriate to do strenuous exercise,” Tan

Mo said expressionlessly.

Wei Zhiqian: “..”

“I don’t think it’s counted as strenuous.” Besides, Tan Mo was the one who only

needed to lay still.

Tan Mo, once again, understood Wei Zhiqian’s meaning.

Ever since she got together with Wei Zhiqian, Tan Mo caught on to such things

with ease, especially after they became intimate,

“If you’re not tired, then let’s head out. You go to the company while I go back

to school,”Tan Mo said mercilessly, “You’re not here for seven days, so the

company must have acc.u.mulated a lot of things to deal with. If you deal with

them earlier, you can come back home earlier.”

“Besides, I still have cla.s.s this afternoon.”

Tan Mo didn’t put it so plainly, but if she did as he wanted, then she wouldn’t

be able to go to school in the afternoon.

This was a sufficient reason. Wei Zhiqian paused for a moment and said

resignedly, “Nighttime then.”

Tan Mo: “..”

Nighttime it shall be then.

The two of them sat on the sofa and waited for the food in their stomachs to


Probably because he had just returmed home and was completely relaxed, Wei

Zhiqian felt a little sleepy even though he wasn’t feeling tired at first.

Wei Zhiqian held Tan Mo in his lap and wrapped his arms around her as they

sat on the sofa and chatted.

His fingertips were pressed against her slender arms.

His fingertips unconsciously drew circles on Tan Mo’s arms gently as he

listened to her talk about the things that happened in his absence.

Tan Mo’s voice was crisp and pleasant, and a little babyish too.

Wei Zhiqian was tired and gradually lost track of what Tan Mo was saying. He

could only hear her voice drifting further and further away.

As Tan Mo spoke, she felt the arms that were wrapped around her loosen their


She turned his head and saw that Wei Zhiqian had fallen asleep with his head

leaning against the sofa.

He was indeed tired.

Tan Mo couldn’t let him sleep like this.

Even lying on the sofa was uncomfortable.

She knew that Wei Zhiqian had just fallen asleep.

Tan Mo woke him up. “Brother Zhiqian.”

After calling him a few times, Wei Zhiqian gradually came back to his senses

and woke up in a daze

“Go to the bedroom and sleep,”Tan Mo said.

Wei Zhiqian rubbed his temples.

Tan Mo had already gotten up.

Wei Zhiqian followed suit and went into the bedroom with Tan Mo.

When they were lying comfortably in bed, Tan Mo skillfully rolled into Wei

Zhiqian’s arms..

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