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Chapter 749: Dont Let Them Do as They Please

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Otherwise, his second brother would be sad.

Fortunately, Tan Jinsheng was not a stubbom person.

After hearing what his three siblings said, he felt that it made sense. He

scratched his head and said to Tan Wenci sheepishly, “Dad, T’ll have to rely on

you to provide some money. When I earn some money, Ill give you all my


Tan Jinsheng didn’t say anything about returning the money.

As a family, it was to0 withdrawn to be talking about paying back.

If he said it out loud, his parents would probably be unhappy.

So he decided, if he earned money in the future, he would give it all to them


“Okay.” Tan Wenci nodded with a smile.

Tan Jinsheng went to call the program team and expressed his interest in

partic.i.p.ating as a challenger.

Auntie Guo was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

The aroma wafted out endlessly from the kitchen.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Xu Mingzhen went to the entrance and turned on the peephole camera. It was

Wei Zhiqian.

She opened the door and hollered to the living room, “Zhiqian is here!”

No one moved or even felt anything.

There was nothing out of the ordinary that Wei Zhiqian was here.

When Tan Mo came back to stay, Wei Zhiqian was out on business. It was

natural that he couldın’t come.

Today, Tan Mo had returned home because she was concerned about “Broken

Continent’s’ matters. It would be strange if Wei Zhiqian could stay by himself.

After entering the door, no one treated Wei Zhiqian as an outsider. Instead,

they invited him over to sit down and didn’t go to the door personally to

welcome him.

They were already a family, and he wasn’t their guest. What was there to


Wei Zhiqian did not need anyone to tend to him. He skillfully took out his

slippers from the shoe cabinet beside him and changed into them before

entering the living room.

He sat down beside Tan Mo and explained to everyone, “Mo Mo told me that she would come over to watch the grand finale of ‘Broken Continent’ tonight,

so I came along too.”

Everyone: “…

The way he had phrased it was as if Tan Mo did not belong to this family


It was infuriating and saddening to hear.

Tan Mo was kidnapped by this brat!

Auntie Guo came over to say that it was time for dinner.

Everyone went to the dining room.

The Tan family still hadn’t recovered from their sadness.

At the dinner table, Tan Jinsheng shared with them the response from the

program team. “The first match will be recorded next Tuesday. The program

team wants me to sign the contract tomorrow.”

“The first nmatch?” Xu Mingzhen had never paid attention to this program

before, so she didn’t know the rules.

“This program hasn’t been broadcast yet, right?” Tan Jinyi asked.

“Not yet. It’s only in the recording stage right now. It shouldn’t start

broadcasting until they’ re halfway through the recording,” Tan Jinsheng said.

“I didn’t ask when it will start its broadcast. I can ask about it tomorrow.” “I heard from the program team that there are new rules for this season. One

person will be eliminated in the odd-numbered episodes, while the challenge

matches are recorded on the even-numbered episodes. If the challenger is

successful, the person at the bottom of the rankings will be replaced. If the

challenger fails, the contestants will remain unchanged. When the next

episode of the odd-numbered episodes is over, they will continue with the

elimination of the last-place contestant,” Tan Jinsheng said, “I will be

recording on the second episode.”

“They probably want to take advantage of the popularity of ‘Broken Continent’

while it lasts, so they approached me,” Tan Jinsheng said.

“See what they have to offer you first when you go to talk to them tomorrow.”

Wei Zhiqian reckoned that those behind ‘Singing Voice’ probably just wanted to

borrow Tan Jinsheng’s momentary popularity for a while.

They would eliminate Tan Jinsheng in the first round.

After all, Tan Jinsheng was a newcomer and didn’t have any other famous

songs aside from the OSTs for “Broken Continent’.

Of course, these songs could also be considered his famous works.

But in the eyes of most people, it was mostly because of Broken Continent’s

popularity, many people listened to his songs and enjoyed them.

But there were no more.

of course, this was just Wei Zhiqian’s guess. There was no basis for it, so he did

not tell Tan Jinsheng about it.

He did not want Tan Jinsheng to feel uncomfortable hearing his thoughts.

What if the program team of ‘Singing Voice’ decided to be a decent human

being for once?

This was also something that could not be determined.

Wei Zhiqian did not say it, but if he said it, it would probably surprise Tan

Wenci, Xu Mingzhen, Tan Jinqi, and Tan Mo.

At least, they had heard Liu Shengtai’s meaning and figured so.

But Wei Zhiqian had already guessed it without hearing anything.

No wonder he was able to grasp Wei Feng tightly in his hands so swiftly.

“If it’s not good, don’t partic.i.p.ate in their show. Don’t let them do as they

please,” Wei Zhiqian reminded.

“Why? What do you know? Tan Wenci immediately asked.

“Not much. I don’t pay much attention to this program. It’s just that Star Guest

station has always been unkind. All the big TV stations would have such issues,

but Star Giuest station takes the cake. They treat people extremely differently,

depending on their statuses. Even the ordinary employees who work there are

the same.”

“Tm worried that the program team will look down on Jinsheng,” Wei Zhiqian said.

Wei Zhiqian’s words made the Tan family members, except for “Tan Jinsheng

and Tan Jinyi, confirm their previous guess.

Tan Jinsheng was probably going to be eliminated in the first round.

of course, if they were paying him enough, it wasn’t an unacceptable


The Tan family did not care how much money Tan Jinsheng could earn.

However, offering a higher price was also a form of affirmation to Tan


Who were they trying to insult by low-balling?

Tan Jingi had heard a lot of gossip in his interactions with many people in the

industry. “I’ve also heard of Star Guest station’s habit of flattering the high and

trampling on the low. The entire television station has this att.i.tude.

Presumably, it’s hard for a single program to be an exception.”

“If the singing program team can make that exception, that would be for the

best. But, Jinsheng, you should also be mentally prepared. I’m just afraid that

they wouldn’t be an exception,” Tan Jinqi said.

Although he didn’t want to discourage Tan Jinsheng’s enthusiasm, he still had

to prepare him mentally.

He didn’t want Tam Jinsheng to go there in high spirits, full of expectations, but come back disappointed. It wouldn’t be good if he was beaten up by the other

party’s att.i.tude.

He nodded. “I see.”

“Second brother, I’ll accompany you tomorrow.” Tan Mo said, “You don’t have a

studio, and don’t have any staff. There are so many people on the program

team, and we can’t let you go alone. No matter what the result is, we can’t lose

in spirit.”

Without waiting for an answer from Tan Jinsheng, Tan Jinqi also said, “Me


“Both of you are still young. There must be someone as old as me around as

support.” Tan Jinqi glanced at them and said.

Besides, to be a little narcissistic, the success of ‘Broken Continent’ had given

him a reputation. Even if he couldın’t be promoted into an A-list director,

others wouldn’t look down on him.

His presence there would be useful.

“Then I’ll go with you guys too,” Wei Zhiqian said.

Everyone: “…”

“Don’t, don’t do it.” Tan Jinsheng hurriedly waved his hand and advised Wei

Zhiqian to give up this idea as soon as possible.

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