Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 925 – Bai Clan Forefather’s Arrival, A Strange Old

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Chapter 925: Bai Clan Forefather’s Arrival, A Strange Old


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“He’s so powerful!”

“He’s definitely a Heavenly Daoist Celestial!”

The cultivators on the street outside the inn gasped in awe.

As the one who started it all, Chu Kuangren remained calm on his seat by the

window. He did not seem to be bothered by the number of people at all.

The general in silver armor grunted. Then, a rampant and powerful energy

erupted from his body, and he charged into the inn for Chu Kuangren.

His strength was at the level of a Heavenly Daoist Celestial as well. The spear in

his hand danced in the air as he swung it in a flurry, whipping up a strong gale

that could tear through the void.

“Die, foreigner!” shouted the man.

“You know, as a fellow foreigner, listening to you calling me a foreigner feels

funny,” Chu Kuangren said with a scoff.

Here in Planquilon Immortal World, in order to stay longer and not be

discriminated against by the natives, a lot of foreigners worked hard to blend

Some even despised their original ident.i.ty as foreigners.

They even tend to be harsher to fellow foreigners than the natives. It was as if

being harsh at fellow foreigners would allow them to forget their ident.i.ties.

There was only one word Chu Kuangren could say to them: ridiculous.

As he ignored the trusting spear coming closer to his face, his Emperor qi

erupted and ravaged the silver-armored general like the tidal wave.

Bone-cracking noise sounded upon impact. The silver-armored general took

the full blow and was sent flying backward, cras.h.i.+ng into another building

before everything went quiet.

“Boss, you’re awesome!” Lil Fox cheered excitedly.

Among the crowd, a pair of eyes, glimmering inexplicably, were watching Chu

Kuangren and Lil Fox behind him.

“He’s too strong. We can’t take him on. We must call higher ranking generals

here to deal with the matter!

“A Supreme Immortal Progeny?

The rest of the soldiers knew their strength. They knew that they were no

match to Chu Kuangren, so they decided to call for help.

Further away, a surge of powerful energy erupted all of a sudden, and two rays

of light flew over.

Judging from the energies, those two rays of light belonged to two late-stage

Heavenly Daoist Celestials

A late-stage Heavenly Daoist Celestial was one realm lower than an Immortal,

but they were the strongest in their own category.

Who dares cause trouble in Ancient Sparrow City?


Two late-stage Heavenly Daoists arrived at the inn, and their energies allowed

them to lock on to Chu Kuangren immediately. Their rampant auras enveloped

heaven and earth.

“It’s a little tedious dealing with you people one by one. Why don’t I make my

way to the city hall?” Cold killing intents filled Chu Kuangren’s eyes.

Right before Chu Kuangren could make a move, another ray of white light flew

over and stopped the two late-stage Heavenly Daoist Celestial.

The person from the ray of light was an elderly in white robes and white hair.

He looked rather scrawny, but the aura around him felt extraordinary.

The two generals were surprised by the arrival of the elderly. They looked as if

they were scared of the man. “Bai clan Forefather! Why are you here?

Bai clan Forefather smiled. “Generals, this young man here is an acquaintance

of the Bai clan. I can’t just sit back and watch the two of you attack him.”

oh, is the Bai clan trying to go against the city call blatantly?” one of the

generals asked with a less friendly tone.

Throughout the years, the Bai clan had grown stronger and started to possess

the strength to rival the city hall, which has been the city hall’s concern since


Although the generals knew it, they did not expect the Bai clan Forefather to

defy them in public by offering protection to the person hunted by the city hall.

“My good sirs, you’ve misunderstood my meaning. I am not going against the

city hall. I am actually here with the truth. One of the guards at the entrance

started this and tried to extort spiritual marrow from my friend here, hence

the misunderstanding. What he did was purely out of self-defense,” Bai clan

Forefather said.

“Hmph! I don’t care what happened or who started it, but he killed a general

and disrupted the order of Ancient Sparrow City. He must be punished for his


“That’s right, Bai clan Forefather. Walk away.”

Bai clan Forefather thought for a moment before he took a Yin and Yang Ring

out. “Here’s ten billion spiritual marrow. Take it as compensation for the

inconvenience and trouble that my friend caused. The Bai clan will pay on his

behalf. How does that sound?

The two generals’ eyes glimmered in greed when they saw the ring, seemingly

moved. They thought about it for a while and did not accept the offer


Then, as though they had received an order in their head, their eyes shone

brightly. One of them said, “Another ten billion.”

Bai clan Forefather clenched his teeth. “No problem!

He took out another ring with ten billion spiritual marrow, which totaled to

twenty billion spiritual marrow, and handed it over.

“Now, can I bring my friend away?

“Hmph! Bai clan, you better watch yourself,” one of the generals said before he

ordered a retreat.

“Why do you think the city lord let this guy off?

“Bai clan is growing stronger by the day, and the city lord wants an opportunity

to stop that. Maybe this foreigner is a chance for an opening. Besides, the Bai

clan won’t simply pay that much just to protect someone. This foreigner must

have some secrets with him.”

The two generals whispered to each other as they retreated.

Chu Kuangren watched from inside the inn and ruminated over what

happened. On the other hand, Lil Fox beside him was confused.

“Boss, what happened?

“Well know soon,” Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

After that, Bai clan Forefather brought a young man to Chu Kuangren.

However, Bai clan Forefather did not lay his first glance on Chu Kuangren.

Instead, it was on Lil Fox

Chu Kuangren was deeply amused. ‘As expected

“Nice to meet you, Daoist Brother. I’m Bai Yeyue from the Bai clan,” the young

man said.

Chu Kuangren took a quick glance at the young man. He was more of a teen

rather thana young man, but his cultivation level had reached a late-stage

Great Daoist Celestial Realm.

He seemed to be a peerless Immortal Progeny.

Nevertheless, Chu Kuangren did not take the young man seriously.

“Tm Chu Kuangren.”

“Brother Chu, you must be confused about why we would help you. Actually, we

are trying to ask for a favor, and we hope that you can help us, the Bai clan,

with the Moonlight Fox in your company.”

Bai Yeyue cut to the chase and stated his intention.

“What if I say no?

“Brother Chu, we helped you. I’d suggest you appreciate our effort,” Bai Yeyue

said coldly.

“Did I ask for help?”

If it were not for the Bai clan’s interference, he would have slaughtered his way

to the city hall and put his sword at the city lord’s neck by now.

Rather than helping him, the Bai clan indirectly helped the city hall instead.

“You The look on Bai Yeyue’s face turned cold.

That was when the Bai clan Forefather reached out to him and stopped him.

Then, he smiled at Chu Kuangren, “Brother Chu, why don’t you listen to what

our request is. Maybe it will benefit you as well.

“Oh? T’m all ears then,” Chu Kuangren said, his interest piqued.

This is not a place for discussion. Why don’t you come to our place? Bai clan

Forefather said with a smile.

“of course,” Chu Kuangren said. He was not afraid of any tricks that the Bai

clan could pull.

Given his current strength, unless facing a real Immortal, he could do and go

whatever and wherever he wanted.

Back in the inn, the drunken old man with a jug of alcohol watched as Chu

Kuangren left with the Bai clan. A hiccup later, he mumbled, “A Supreme

Immortal Progeny with a lot of potentials. However, too bad the Bai clan had

their eyes on him.”

Following that, he mocked himself with a scoff, “What does it have to do with

me? I’m just a cripple.”

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