Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 927 – A Sword Crown of The Past, An Alcoholic Today, Heading To Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm

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Chapter 927: A Sword Crown of The Past, An Alcoholic Today, Heading To Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm

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At an inn in the Ancient Sparrow City, Chu Kuangren ordered a jug of wine with a waiter.

Due to his previous battle with the city guards, many people knew that Chu Kuangren was difficult to deal with and did not dare to provoke him.

As long as one was powerful in the Immortal World, he would be offered as a master wherever he went, even if he was a foreigner.

“Old beggar, you’re here to steal wine again. Get out of here!” A screeching voice sounded not far away.

‘An old man was chased out by the inn owner. A wine jar in his hand fell to the ground with a bang, spilling the wine all over the place.

The old man was drunk, lying on the ground with his face flushed and body smell of alcohol.

Most of the diners around were well dressed. They spat in disgust and took a few steps back in fear of getting stained by the old beggar.

Chu Kuangren glanced over with curiosity in his eyes.

“Waiter, let the old man in. Whatever he drinks is on me,” said Chu Kuangren.

The waiter was a little stunned to hear that.

‘The old man was quite surprised as well.

The waiter hesitated. “Master, this old man is scruffy. I’m afraid his existence will affect the other diners.”

“Here’s a hundred million spiritual marrows. I shall book the whole inn.”

Chu Kuangren said while throwing out a Yin and Yang Ring. A hundred million spiritual marrows were more than most cultivators could spend in their lifetime.

‘The waiter’s eyes lit up as he took the Yin and Yang Ring.

Not far away, a manager approached with a flattering smile. “Master, of course, you can book the entire inn. I’ll arrange it for you.”

“What an arrogant foreigner. How can you book the entire inn and ignore us?!”

A ccultivator could not help but shout.

“Indeed. Hey, foreigner, don’t be too arrogant.”

“Tm staying here today.”

Many cultivators agreed.


At that moment, a frightening murderous intent swept out in all directions like a raging wave, making the entire inn feel like an ice cellar in an instant.

Those clamoring turned speechless, like ducks strangled by their necks.

“I said I’m booking this inn! F*ck off!”

Chu Kuangren’s shout almost made the terrifying murderous intent become a reality.

Everyone shuddered.

After the murderous intent subsided, the diners in the inn dared not stay any longer and ran as fast as they could.

‘How many people has he killed to unleash such murderous intent?

‘He’s too frightening.’

‘Has he ma.s.sacred a civilization?!’

Everyone thought to themselves.

Compared to the frightened crowds, the old man who stole the wine seemed much calmer. However, he was surprised that Chu Kuangren would treat him to drinks.

He came and sat down in front of Chu Kuangren. “Thank you, Junior, but we don’t know each other. Why are you treating me to drinks?”

“Many people can only dream to drink with one of the Seven Crowns. I won’t miss the opportunity since I’m given a chance.”

Chu Kuangren said.

It was the information that he a.n.a.lyzed by utilizing the Omniscient Spirit.

Seven Crowns was a renowned name in Planquilon Immortal World, referring to the Immortals who stood at the pinnacle of seven types of Weapons Dao!

The old man in front of him was one of the Seven Crowns, the Sword Crown!

He was the Sword Crown, Li Juexin!

Upon hearing Chu Kuangren saying his former name, a glint flashed across Sword Crown’s eyes, and a terrifying sword aura started brewing in his body. Lil Fox turned pale with fright.

‘The Sword Crown restrained his aura when the waiter returned with a jar of wine. He looked dejected. “Stop mentioning the Sword Crown. I’ve been crippled of my cultivation long ago, and now I’m just an old man lingering between taverns.”

Lil Fox was secretly amazed.

‘He’s crippled but still has such a horrifying aura. How terrifying was his power before he was crippled? What an Immortal.’

Chu Kuangren did not speak as he knew about the Sword Crown.

The Omniscient Spirit’s a.n.a.lysis also included Sword Crown’s physical state. Although he was an Immortal, he was severely injured, and his Immortal Core was used to suppress his injury. Therefore, he could not use his strength.

Otherwise, his injury would worsen, and he would be dead.

In that case, he was regarded as crippled.

“Junior, are you a sword cultivator?”

Sword Crown suddenly asked.

He noticed the Descendant Self Sword hanging from Chu Kuangren’s waist.

Chu Kuangren nodded. “I suppose.”


“My techniques are not limited to Sword Dao.”

Chu Kuangren said.

“Ise. Considering that you’re treating me to drinks, I shall remind you that no matter what reasons the Bai clan has for looking for you, they definitely do not have good intentions. Be careful,” said the Sword Crown.

“Heh. Me too.”

Chu Kuangren grinned.

‘The Bai clan wanted to gain some benefits through him, while he wanted to enter Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm through the Bai clan.

“It seems like the Bai clan has set themselves on fire.”

“Let’s stop talking about it and drink.”

Chu Kuangren said.

Both of them had some drinks and chatted for a while.

The Sword Crown seemed to have found a shoulder to cry on, and he talked about how wonderful his life was in the past as he drank.

‘Crossing the ocean alone, killing thousands of dragons with a slash…’

‘Waving sleeves to accept all uncertainties, gathering qi into a sword to break through hundreds of cities…”

Not far away, the waiter and the manager sneered when they heard the Sword Crown’s statements.

‘Would you be as who you are now if you were so powerful?

‘D*mn drunkard who’s only good in bragging’

“Unfortunately, I’m a useless old man who can’t even kill an enemy with a sword now…”

At the end of the drinking session, the Sword Crown slumped on the table with a flushed face, and he started crying like a helpless child.

Chu Kuangren sighed to himself while watching the man beside him. Even a high and mighty Immortal held many secrets that people did not know.

‘Who would have thought that the drunk old man, who was crying bitterly in front of him, was once a glorious Sword Immortal who was unrivaled in an era?

“Here’s a billion spiritual marrows. Give him as much wine as he likes in the future until these spiritual marrows are all spent.”

Chu Kuangren threw a Yin and Yang Ring to the manager.

After that, he got up and left.

Before he left, he looked at the Sword Crown and mumbled, “Perhaps one day in the future, I may bring you back to the pinnacle.”

He did not make a promise immediately as he did not have the ability to do so yet now.

Moreover, he was only treating the Sword Crown to drinks on a whim. Perhaps there would not be a chance for them to meet each other again in the future after they parted.

As he watched Chu Kuangren leave, the Sword Crown murmured with drunken eyes, “Maybe he can inherit my Thousand Lotus Sword Intent.”

Chu Kuangren walked around the city after leaving the inn.

Then, he returned to the Bai clan.

About ten days later, the day for him to depart to Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm came. The Bai clan Forefather led the team along with Chu Kuangren, Bai Yeyue, and a few of Bai clan’s Immortal Progeny sky-prides to the location of Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm.

Not only the Bai clan, but the city lord’s mansion also sent many experts and troops to escort the city lord mansion’s Immortal Progenies.

Chu Kuangren calculated that besides him, there were twenty Immortal Progenies from the city lord’s mansion and the Bai clan going to the Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm.

“There are also Holy Divine Fire Cult, Blue Cloud City, and other forces. This trip to Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm is like a gathering of Immortal Progenies.” Chu Kuangren chuckled and looked forward to it.

It seemed like he was going to gain a lot of Opportunities of Fortunes and resources..

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