Versatile Mage Chapter 2610: The Trio

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Chapter 2610: The Trio

Edited by Aelryinth

Zhuang Yue was about to lose his temper when a short-haired woman in a suit

came over and whispered into the Councilman’s ear.

Zhuang Yue’s expression sank. He rose to his feet, glancing at Mo Fan before

leaving the hall.

It seemed something had happened that required the presence of the Maritime

Defense Minister.

Mo Fan simply ignored it now that the annoying man had left, and continued

to enjoy his food. The meat of the creatures in the Dark Plane had been bad and


Xinxia gave her blessing to the newlyweds. Mo Fan did not hear the details, but

Mui Nuxin seemed overjoyed. She kept thanking Xinxia repeatedly and


The dinner was coming to an end. The guests gradually took their leaves.

Mo Fan was not in a rush to go back after he was done eating. He tooka stroll

along the Huangpu River.

The dazzling lights were reflected on the rapid currents. In the past, the

riverside was full of tourists. People would be taking photos of the magnificent

buildings and leaning against the rail to admire the river. There had also been

small cruise s.h.i.+ps with fancy lights sailing the river.

However, the area was now deserted. It was now a luxury to admire the view

when mankind was in danger.

Mo Fan, Mu Ningxue, and Xinxia were the only people walking on the

promenade by the river.

The cold and stern knight Waris maintaineda distance of around a hundred

meters from them, looking around constantly.

Mo Fan was a few steps ahead while Mu Ningxue was pus.h.i.+ng Xinxia’s

wheelchair. They were walking at a slow pace.

It had been like this since they were younger. Mo Fan always rushed ahead as

he was eager to show his new discoveries to them. It was a peaceful and scenic

place with a river and an old tree. The leaves were falling slowly onto the water

before they were carried away by the current.

Mu Ningxue would keep up with Mo Fan at her own pace while havinga private

talk with Xinxia. She was not particularly interested in Mo Fan’s discovery, but

she was not necessarily disappointed, either.

Meanwhile, Xinxia was very curious about nature. The b.u.t.terflies and fallen

flowers would occasionally fall on her clothes. She would not sweep them away

like most people would.

It felt like they had gone back in time, to when they were still in Bo City. There

were endless paths to walk, views to enjoy, and stories to tell.

Unfortunately, everything was constantly changing. They could no longer go

back to certain places and times. Mo Fan could accept the changes in other

things, but he could not accept all the changes in people.

As the world continued to fall into a bottomless pit and eternal darkness, it was

Mo Fan’s greatest relief to see Mu Ningxue and Xinxia just a few steps behind


He would never lose the motivation to keep going forward, even when huge

waves and the Apocalypse were in his way.

Nothing was permanent in this world.

In the end, Mo Fan still could not fulfill the wish that was constantly in his


Not only did he fail to fulfill it, he did not expect that he would even go back to

his deserted apartment alone!

Mo Fan heard voices behind the door when he reached home.

His heart began to race. It seemed like he did not have to sleep alone in the cold


Mo Fan opened the door and saw the two men sitting on the couch with beer

bottles scattered across the floor. The two drunken men were drinking like two

warriors having a duel.

The two looked at Mo Fan with wide eyes when they saw him coming back


“How useless!” Zhao Manyan mocked him.

Mu Bai burst out laughing, too. He pointed at Mo Fan and scoffed, “That’s what

you get for mocking me all the time. I thought you were impressive, but you

still came back here alone! Here, I have left you a seat.

Mu Bai must have drank a lot. He was surprisingly bold and unrestrained.

Mo Fan felt so embarra.s.sed. He had the urge to kill the two idiots right on the


Mo Fan had left the wedding with two beautiful women. He was planning to

take a romantic stroll so the three of them could enjoy the rest of the night

together in the same bed.

Unfortunately, the two women were too smart to give Mo Fan a chance to

fulfill his shameless ambitions. They managed to get away and destroy Mo

Fan’s dream!

“You are really hopeless. You should seek some advice from me. I might not be

good at other things, but I have plenty of experience having a wonderful time

with two women at once. How could you bring the two of them out for a walk

together? You were only going to alert them..” Zhao Manyan started giving

him a lecture.

“p.i.s.s off, if you are so good, why are you drinking with Mu Bai here?” Mo Fan


He was so angry! Why did he have to be caught red-handed by these two p.r.i.c.ks

after his plan failed?

Most importantly, why were these two**** treating his place like theirs?

He had used it to keep his mistresses, but the two**** had made his

nice-smeling apartment foul!

Mu Bai pointed at Zhao Manyan’s bottle and said, “Are you keeping the beer to

keep some pet fish? What did you say at the wedding? If you don’t make me

drunk until I’m on the floor, you will call me your grandfather. I’m very much

awake still!

“What are you so proud of? I’m just feeling sorry for Mo Fan. I’m waiting for

him to finish a bottle first,” Zhao Manyan immediately redirected Mu Baï’s

attention to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was in a bad mood. He grabbed a bottle and emptied it in one go.

Mo Fan’s face reddened after he drank the bottle of beer. The same question

kept appearing in his mind, Where did my plan even go wrong?

Could it be that he was being too impatient, just like Zhao Manyan had said?

Life never goes according to plan!

“old Zhao, where is your true love?” Mo Fan suddenly recalled the exciting

relations.h.i.+p Zhao Manyan once had.

Mu Bai immediately slammed his fist on the table and burst out laughing

“It turned out Zhao Manyan was the one being conned. The woman already

knew who he was. She was planning to take both the brothers. The Aorus

Sacred Inst.i.tute allows women to have two husbands!” Mu Bai informed Mo


“It was a mutual relations.h.i.+p. What do you mean I was being charmed? How

could a man like you who has never touched a woman’s hand understand?

Zhao Manyan rebuked Mi Bai instantly.

“Mu Bai, you’re still single? It’s been a year!” Mo Fan was surprised.

“I’m good at being alone. Look at you two! One hooks up with every woman he

sees, the other has a lot of paramours, but you are both drinking with me here.

What difference does it make?” Mu Bai shot back.

Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan were left speechless.

Mu Bai was not wrong, either!

Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan clanked their bottles awkwardly and emptied them.

Zhao Manyan coughed and asked Mu Bai, “T’m going to ask you seriously. Isn’t

e woman you met during the battle at the Yangtze River pretty níce? Why are

you keeping your distance from her?”

“You never know what’s going to happen in a precarious time like this. I don’t

want to grieve over someone’s death, so I think it’s better to be alone,” Mu Bai


Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan raised their thumbs at Mu Bai. The three of them

continued to enjoy their drinks.

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