Versatile Mage Chapter 2615: The Buried Army of Sea Monsters

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Chapter 2615: The Buried Army of Sea Monsters

Edited by Aelryinth

The young men heard some footsteps on the stairs.

A man in his sleepwear walked over to the balcony with a toothbrush in his

mouth anda brus.h.i.+ng mug in his hand.

The others were looking at the apocalyptic sight. He followed their gazes.

le took the toothbrush out of his mouth and poured the cold

ater in the mug

into his mouth.

Gargle gargle…spit!

“Bro, why are you spitting from your balcony? Don’t you know that’s


“That’s right, do you think you no longer have to behave yourself because we

are all going to die?”

Mo Fan casually put the toothbrush and the mug down and replied, “I have

never behaved myself.”

Mo Fan looked at the altar and estimated its durability.

It was indeed a Forbidden Curse Magic Formation, but Mo Fan did not believe

it would last for more than a day.

The Undead numbers were too overwhelming. Even if the people were

stronger, it would take some time to eliminate all the Undead. It would take the

military and Magic a.s.sociation at least half a month to kill them all, without

taking into consideration the casualties.

If the altar was the last line of defense for the Magic City, the army of Undead

would break through the defense after twenty-four hours and ma.s.sacre the


However, it seemed like the Undead were targeting Dongfang Oriental Tower.

They were doing everything to climb to its top, like there was something they

were after on it.

The tower had plenty of Mages. Their destructive spells could kill hundreds of

the Undead in an instant, but the attacks were nothing compared to the

numbers of Undead.

“Aren’t you Mo Fan!?” The curly-haired young man recognized Mo Fan.

“I am,” Mo Fan confirmed.

“You live here, too?” The young man could not recall seeing Mo Fan here



“Aren’t you strong’ Can you take care of them” the young man asked


“Hold your hand straight,” Mo Fan told him.

The young man was puzzled, but he followed the instruction.

“Raise your pinkie and cover any part of Lujiazhui District. The area that your

pinkie covers is the most I can kill,” Mo Fan informed him.

The other young men came over and reached out their hands with the


Their pinkies could only cover a tiny area of the district. It was nothing

compared to the ma.s.sive army of Undead!

“You are so strong, yet you can only kill that much?” The curly-haired young

man looked at his pinkie in disbelief. “Doesn’t that mean we are all going to


“More or less,” Mo Fan nodded.

“Bro, do something, you are a Mage! We don’t want to die.”

“T’m more curious about where these Undead came from and why they are

attacking the tower. Are they really trying to crush our will to fight? If so, they could just target the city,” Mo Fan rubbed his chin and thought aloud.

Military force was not the key to resolving the situation. If the Tribe of Sea

G.o.ds could regroup s0 easily after losing so many sea monsters, it was

meaningless to put up any fight. It was wiser to abandon the city and move

into the mountains.

“Mo Fan!” an aged voice called out.

Mo Fan turned around and saw Dean Xiao standing behind him.

Silver sparkles were flickering around him, while his clothes and beard were

still. They showed that Dean Xiao was an impressive s.p.a.ce Mage.

“Dean Xiao, the Undead can only rise with a strong presence of death. Even

though countless dead bodies acc.u.mulated at the bottom of the sea, the

presence of death should have gradually faded away with the waves. I don’t

understand how these sea monsters that Ding Yumian kiled could turn into

Undead so quickly,” Mo Fan said. “We have gathered some people, but I hope you can come with us too,” Dean

Xiao answered.

Dean Xiao had come to him in person. Mo Fan felt obligated to go with him.

Time was of the essence. Mo Fan was surprised that Dean Xiao did not even

bother holding an emergency meeting. He simply gathered several people and

explained the situation while they were heading east.

Wei Rong, the head of the Fire School, was in the group with them. The others

included a teacher with white brows, Professor s.h.i.+, and a professor of the

Undead Element.

Mo Fan knew all of them, except for the professor of the Undead Element.

The teacher with white brows was a Healer. He was known as Prince Charming

at the infirmary. He was the idol of many female students and teachers in the school. He was reserved and only focused on doing his job, but no one knew

how strong he was.

If Dean Xiao had invited him here, it meant he was also a strong Mage with a

secret ident.i.ty at the school.

Mo Fan had met Professor s.h.i.+ in the early days of his studies. He had stumbled

into the man on the train to the Magic City when he first moved from Bo City.

Mo Fan had also learned the information related to the Totem Beast with

mysterious feathers from the professor.

These people were obviously authorities of virtue and prestige from the Pearl

Inst.i.tute. Mo Fan was flattered to be invited along by Dean Xiao, since he had

only graduated from the school not many years ago.

Professor s.h.i.+ stroked his beard and asked, “Mo Fan, I heard you have been to

the Dark Plane. What did you learn there?”

“Should I write a review of my adventure there?” Mo Fan replied with a wry

smile. You two can discuss it later,” Dean Xiao interrupted their conversation and

said with a stern face, “Take a look at this!”

The photo was printed on paper. Everyone put on a straight face after looking

at it.

“Is that her?” Dean Xiao asked Wei Rong.

Wei Rong looked at the teacher with white brows, who looked at Professor s.h.i.+

and the professor of the Undead Element.

“That is Ding Yumian,” Mo Fan declared confidently.

Someone had managed to capture a photo of Ding Yumian being escorted by

the Undead like an empress. Not only was her face extremely pale, even her

skin was completely white.

However, her lower body was no longer human. Her legs were replaced by

colorful scales that resembled a mermaid wrapped in a colorful dress,. Her

unique posture while she was standing bore some similarities to the Sea

Monster Prophets! “Professor Luo, do you think Ding Yumian’s corpse was being controlled by an

evil spirit or..” Dean Xiao asked the professor of the Undead Element.

“Ding Yumian’s Fourth Element is the Undead Element,” Professor Luo replied


“Why is she doing this? The whole country has mourned for her and thanked

her for her sacrifice.. Why did she become an Undead and send the sea

monsters that were buried with her to attack us?”

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