Versatile Mage Chapter 2616: Lingering Soul

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Chapter 2616: Lingering Soul

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“Should we approach her right away? I feel she’s no longer the Ding Yumian we know,” the teacher with white brows spoke up.

“Her evil tendencies are too strong, If ‘m not mistaken, she must have killed Dean Lee and the others,” Dean Xiao judged.

“Dean Xiao, I still don’t understand. Not many people knew about Ding Yumian’s power. How did she become Councilman Zhuang’s weapon against the sea monsters?” Wei Rong asked him.

“Dean Lee must have told Councilman Zhuang about Ding Yumian’s power,” Dean Xiao sighed. He added, “Dean Fu had been keeping Ding Yumian’s information confidential, despite the pressure he was under. After he died during the battle at Huangpu River, the school struggled to decide on how to deal

with Ding Yumian.”

Disaster-bringers like Qin Yu’er and Ding Yumian were constantly on the Heresy Judgment Court’s radar.

Dean Fu used to be Ding Yumian’s protector. He had made sure she could stay in the Pearl Inst.i.tute without being hara.s.sed.

After Dean Fu died, Dean Lee took over his role, including the arrangements for special students like Ding Yumian.

“This is a forged doc.u.ment. The other schools never gave their permission, but Dean Lee somehow prepared an official doc.u.ment that said Ding Yumian has been expelled!” Dean Xiao took out a copy of a doc.u.ment.

“It looks just like a real one,” the teacher with white brows observed.

“Exactly. Dean Lee is in charge of the recruitment and expulsion of students with special circ.u.mstances. Even if we voted against his decision, he could still forge this doc.u.ment,” Dean Xiao agreed.

“Does that mean Ding Yumian was given the doc.u.ment before she became a weapon? Wouldn’t that make her homeless?” Mo Fan blurted out in surprise.

Ding Yumian had always treated the Pearl Inst.i.tute as her home. It was the protection she needed from the biased world.

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To their surprise, someone had taken it away from her!

“It’s not hard to guess that Dean Lee forced Ding Yumian into a corner and suggested a plausible way to save the city on behalf of the school. He was pressuring her to sacrifice herself for the greater good.”

“Isn’t that the same as how the people in the past sacrificed innocent women to the Sea of G.o.d?!”

“It made a lot of sense. The primary condition to become an Undead was hatred. If Ding Yumian willingly sacrificed herself, she would not have any resentment. Even if the place she died at had a strong aura of death, she wouldn’t become an Undead,” the professor of the Undead Element agreed.

“Dean Xiao, what are we supposed to do now?”

“We must find out the truth. We should visit the place where Ding Yumian killed herself,” Dean Xiao declared.

Dean Xiao seemed to have a solid plan on how to deal with the situation.

“What about the tower…” Wei Rong turned around and looked at the sea of Undead that had swarmed into the Lujiazhui District.

“There’s nothing we can do!” Dean Xiao said decisively.

‘The sea had fallen a great distance away. The group could walk across the area that used to be underwater. Even the sand of the shallow areas was exposed, and they could even see the slopes that used to lead to the water.

The bottom of the slope had dried up too. Professor s.h.i.+ was intrigued by the sight of it.

“Did Ding Yumian do this, too?” Professor s.h.i.+ looked into the distance.

He could see the water had retreated several dozen kilometers away. The white waves continued to retreat like an army that had given up on invading human territory.

“Tm not sure. Professor Luo, can you find the place where Ding Yumian turned into an Undead?” Dean Xiao was not concerned about unrelated matters.

“It’s not far from here,” Professor Luo’s eyes glittered.

They soon arrived at an area where the sea breeze was absent. The water was perfectly calm, as if it had frozen.

They found an island of coral reefs. The part that was exposed above the surface was only ordinary rocks, but the part under the water formed huge colorful coral reefs. It was like a colorful tree hanging upside down in the water, dyeing the surrounding waters with colors.

“This is it,” Professor Luo stated.

The group went onto the island and immediately sensed a strong presence of death circling the place like a wind. It did not fit the tranquil scenery on the island.

“Spirit Communication!”

Professor Luo suddenly raised a hand as his eyes glowed brightly, allowing him to see the tiniest details around him.

A faint blue light appeared on Professor Luo’s palm. It gradually spread out and revealed a wandering spirit.

The spirit was glowing weakly. It was a wandering soul that had yet to evolve. It was like a timid creature that did not dare to leave its habitat, nor did it dare approach the group of human Mages.

“Dean Xiao, it’s a fragment of her soul,” Professor Luo said softly, as if he was afraid of startling the spirit.

The others quickly withdrew their Auras after seeing Professor Luo’s reaction, making themselves look friendly.

The spirit was like a little girl whose mind had not matured. She was observing them timidly, like she was going to run away at any second.

“You guys were close to her when she was still alive. She will remember you if you talk to her, but make sure you don’t scare her,” Professor Luo said.

“How should we address her?”

“Just call her name.”

‘Wei Rong was the first to approach the spirit. The tough and bulky bloke had suddenly become a gentle and compa.s.sionate man.

He recalled the time when Ding Yumian was first enrolled at the school. He also mentioned the interesting things that had happened at the Fire School. Wei Rong was Ding Yumian’s mentor, and he had taught her most of the spells and abilities of the Fire Element.

Wei Rong was fondly recalling the memories at first to convince the spirit he was friendly, but he teared up halfway.

Wei Rong had watched Ding Yumian grow up as her mentor. She was quiet and shy at first, but she gradually became optimistic and was willing to join more group activities. She eventually became a Super Mage the school was very proud of.

How did she end up like this all of a sudden?

She was now a lingering soul, the soul that had remained in the world after she died.

She could have shone as brightly as a blossoming flower at the Pearl Inst.i.tute!

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