Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2639 – Provocation

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Chapter 2639: Provocation

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“Junior Brother, although you are talented, don’t act rashly or you will fail badly!”

Senior Sister Lin Ya, who was in a long green dress, said as she looked at Su Mo and smiled. She was standing at the gate of Jin Wu Mansion, looking elegant and charming.

“Senior Sister, thank you for your reminder!” Su Mo nodded as he thanked Lin Ya. He felt that Lin Ya was a profound lady.

“Hmm!” Lin Ya nodded. She swirled her dress around and left.

“Su Mo, Senior Sister is not a simple person. Xiao Yushu is nothing compared to her!” Ling Chang said softly after Lin Ya had left.

“Oh, what is Senior Sister’s cultivation level?” Su Mo asked.

“She seems to be a Middle-rank Supreme Being!” Ling Chang replied. Ling Chang did not know Lin Ya well, but she knew that Lin Ya used to be well-known in Palmy Branch.

She was also popular among the neighboring branches.

However, it was strange that she had been keeping a low profile for the past few years. She had been living like a hermit and had nearly been forgotten by the people.

“Is she that powerful?” Su Mo was surprised as he reckoned that Lin Ya was a Low-rank Supreme Being

“Come, let’s go to my palace!” Ling Chang called out to Su Mo and headed toward her palace.

Su Mo immediately followed behind her.

“Hmm…what if Reverend Jin Wu were to arrange for us to get married?” Su Mo teased Ling Chang as they went on the way.

When Ling Chang heard what Su Mo had said, she came to a halt. Her back was facing Su Mo, and she looked beautiful and graceful.

“If he does so, we will do what he says!”

Ling Chang replied softly and sounded a bit mischievous. She hastened her pace and entered the palace.

Su Mo smiled at her reply. Ling Chang was not against the idea or, he should say, she still had feelings for him.

Su Mo immediately followed after Ling Chang and entered the palace.

Tian Hua Mansion.

Reverend Tian Hua and Reverend Jin Wu were discussing martial arts with the elders as they were still drinking happily at the banquet.

Ina secret chamber that was surrounded by an array not far away from the beautiful palace, Quan Ruhai and Xiao Yushu stood opposite each other.

“Xiao Yushu, you are stupid. You’ve tried so hard to deal with Wu Shan but you don’t even know his strength!” Quan Ruhai reprimanded Xiao Yushu. He was angry as Wu Shan would not have become Reverend Jin Wu’s disciple if not for Xiao Yushu’s lack of knowledge.

After Wu Shan had become Reverend Jin Wu’s disciple, he and Xuan Qing would have had the opportunity to spend more time together. In the future, Reverend Jin Wu might have arranged for them to get married.

“What can I do since things have turned out this way?” Xiao Yushu shrugged. In fact, he was manifold angrier than Quan Ruhai.

This time around, not only had he failed to kill Wu Shan, even his cousin, Zang Renjie, had been killed.

“Wu Shan is not stupid. He must have killed Zang Renjie as he knew that Zang Renjie was out to kill him!”

‘With a glum look, Quan Ruhai said, “Let me warn you. Wu Shan will have guessed that you are behing it. You will be in great danger!”

Xiao Yushu’s face turned pale upon hearing what Quan Ruhai had said. Since he had offended Wu Shan, Wu Shan would not let him off.

“Brother Quan, please help me to deal with Wu Shan!” Xiao Yushu said as he cupped his fist at Quan Ruhai.

“Are you asking me to help you?” Quan Ruhai asked disdainfully, “Are you treating me as your weapon to do the dirty work?”

“Brother Quan, what do you think of Xuan Qing?”

Xiao Yushu curled his lips and smiled coldly. Before Quan Ruhai could reply, Xiao Yushu continued and said, “This woman is charming and she is a rare beauty. She is talented and possesses the Pure Yin Body. She has not lost the Origin Yin energy and is still a virgin. Are you willing to let go of such a

perfect cultivation partner?”

“What do you mean?” Quan Ruhai asked coldly. Xuan Qing was an amazing woman and he would not give up on her. He would do his best to win her over.

“What I mean is, the longer Wu Shan remains alive, the riskier it will be for you!”

Xiao Yushu looked grave and said, “Think about it. Wu Shan and Xuan Qing will have many opportunities to stick together and their feelings for each other will grow by the day. Who knows what they will do!”

‘When Quan Ruhai heard what Xiao Yushu had said, he was silent and looked unhappy.

Xiao Yushu curled his lips and said, “Brother Quan, you may come across such an amazing woman only once in your lifetime. It would be a pity if she became Wu Shan’s woman.”

At that point, Xiao Yushu looked at Quan Ruhai’s face and when he saw Quan Ruhai’s pale look, he continued and said, “Although the Pure Yin Body is not that powerful, it is good for a man. The higher cultivation level Xuan Qing possesses, the more benefits she will bring. If you partner with her in

cultivation, you can become a Supreme Being immediately. You can also choose to cultivate with her when you have reached the Advanced Supreme Being Realm. You can then become a Supreme. Even if Xuan Qing has lost her Pure Yin energy, it will still do you good if you continue to cultivate with her.”


Quan Ruhai shouted angrily as he was fuming with anger.

“Brother Quan, are you willing to give up such an amazing woman? Are you willing to let Wu Shan have her? Xuan Qing is your woman!” Xiao Yushu said loudly, ignoring what Quan Ruhai had said.


Quan Ruhai stretched out his hand and grabbed hold of Xiao Yushu by his throat and lifted him up.

“If you dare to say another word, I will kill you!” Quan Ruhai said coldly. The green veins in his forehead throbbed, making him look hideous.

“T shall leave now!” Xiao Yushu said as he nodded. He knew that Quan Ruhai meant what he had said, and he could kill Xiao Yushu effortlessly.

“Get lost!” Quan Ruhai flung his arm out and threw Xiao Yushu to the side.

Xiao Yushu smiled coldly. He opened the door of the secret chamber and walked out. He knew that he had met his objective.

‘The angrier Quan Ruhai became, the more apparent it was that he agreed with what Xiao Yushu had said. That showed that he truly cared for Xuan Qing.

Thus, Xiao Yushu was certain that Quan Ruhai would try to get rid of Wu Shan even if he stopped instigating him.

After Xiao Yushu had left, Quan Ruhai sat cross-legged in the secret chamber, mixed feelings showing on his face.

He knew that Xiao Yushu was trying to provoke him. The effects of the Pure Yin Body were not significant. At the very least, it would not be significant before Xuan Qing advanced in her cultivation level.

Compared to the Pure Yin Body, he cared more for Xuan Qing as a woman.

She was beautiful and highly talented, and that was what mattered to him.

In fact, Xiao Yushu had voiced his concerns.

“Xuan Qing, I am the only man for you!” Quan Ruhai muttered to himself as he clenched his fists. He was not close to Xuan Qing at that moment and he had to work on their relations.h.i.+p.

As for Wu Shan, he would think of a way to make him disappear from this world..

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