Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2640 – Ninth Grade, Middle Rank, Sixth Order Initial Stage

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Chapter 2640: Ninth Grade, Middle Rank, Sixth Order Initial Stage

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“It mustn’t have been easy for you to become the master of Ultimate Supreme Being Palace then!” Su Mo spoke to Ling Chang as they sat opposite each other in the hall.

The two had been talking for over an hour as Su Mo listened to the tales about her past life.

Ling Chang seemed quite talkative today. It could have been the effect of Hong Qingxuan’s memories that made her feel that much closer to Su Mo.

This was also the first time she had told Su Mo about her experiences. The relations.h.i.+p between the two had taken a big step forward.

“Indeed, it wasn’t. But Zi Xiao helped me a lot then. I just don’t know how he became the way he is now!” Ling Chang sighed, as though caught in a memory.

“Things change. People can develop completely different mentalities when things are going well and when they face adversity!” Su Mo said. Before he had grown up, Zi Xiao had been extremely talented and had had a bright future. Naturally, he did not have any bad thoughts.

But when one’s own strength and status had reached a certain level and it was no longer easy to advance, their mood could change.


Ling Chang sighed again, paused, and spoke some more, “Su Mo, Teacher Qian Xunyue doesn’t have much time left!”

Ling Chang’s beautiful face looked burdened. She knew Qian Xunyue’s situation very well. She had been left with three hundred years’ time when they had last met. If this dragged on, she might not be able to save her.

At that moment, over two hundred years had pa.s.sed. Time was really running out.

“know!” Su Mo nodded and said solemnly, “I’ll break through to the Supreme Being Realm as quick as I can, then return to the Wasteland to look for Zi Xiao.”

Qian Xunyue was running out of time, and fast. The journey from the Cloud Ridge World back to the Wasteland would take up a large amount of time.

He had spent one hundred and seventy years to get here. Once he became a Supreme Being, despite the increase in speed, going back would still take about seventy years at least. That would not leave much time for Qian Xunyue.

“Right, I’ll go with you when the time comes!” Ling Chang nodded.

“Sure!” Su Mo did not oppose.

Awhile later, perhaps because the banquet at Tian Hua Mansion had ended, Reverend Jin Wu returned to Jin Wu Manor and summoned for Su Mo.

They had undergone the ritual of apprentices.h.i.+p and Su Mo had officially become Reverend Jin Wu’s personally appointed disciple.

The position meant Su Mo got a place in Jin Wu Manor as his residence.

He also received other rewards from Reverend Jin Wu, which were mainly Spiritual Fruits and Spiritual Herbs.

‘When everything was done, Su Mo returned to his palace and got ready to train in seclusion.

Within the palace chamber.

Purple light flashed from Su Mo’s head, where a huge and extremely powerful five-colored totem appeared. This was Zang Renjie’s Primordial Spirit, the ‘Heavenly Five Elemental Emblem’.

Not bad!

After Su Mo devoured Zang Renjie, he fused himself with the man’s Primordial Spirit as well as the power of his Rule.

The Five Element Rule was quite strong, capable of controlling the power of the Five Elements.

Zang Renjie’s Five Element Rule had attained as high as Sixth Order Middle Stage, a tier above Su Mo’s Ice Rule.

After a while, Su Mo put away the Heavenly Five Elemental Emblem Primordial Spirit, then a gray elixir appeared in his hand. It was the Deva Elixir. He paused. He had learned of the elixir’s properties after asking Reverend Jin Wu.

This superior divine elixir was the most precious one of all. The user’s mind would be fused with the heavens and the earth, and both their training and their meditation on martial arts would be like a duck to water.

What a treasure indeed!

After examining the Deva Elixir, Su Mo solemnly placed it in front of him. Light flashed in his hands, and a black three-foot sword appeared. It was the Superior Artifact he received from Reverend Jin Wu after the match.

This sword was strong indeed. He could feel its aura was slightly stronger than the Ultimate Sacred Sword’s, but not by much.

After all, the Ultimate Sacred Sword was the top-level artifact in the Wasteland, almost as close to the Superior Artifacts.

Then, he put away the sword and checked on the spiritual fruits and herbs given to him by Reverend Jin Wu. These were not comparable with the ones from the Wasteland. They were not as great as the Deva Elixir, but they were extremely precious too.

A short while later, Su Mo kept all the spiritual fruits and herbs before consuming the Deva Elixir.

Once the elixir entered his body, a warm heat flow swept across Su Mo’s limbs, Spiritual Soul and Primordial Spirit.

His mood immediately became calmer than ever as his whole body and mind fell into a mysterious state, his perception spread out on its own.

This feeling was as though he had become the master of heaven and earth. He could see clearly the essence of everything, understand the rules of the universe, and control everything in the world.

Su Mo took out some Dawn Stones. After devouring them, he got busy refining Source Energy as he meditated on the power of the Rules.

There was silence in the chamber. Su Mo had completely fallen into deep cultivation.

While he was doing that, his fame re-emerged in Palmy City.

News of his triumph as one of the same ranking and his killing of Zang Renjie from Qinghua Star spread all over Palmy City after the banquet ended.

At this moment, everyone got wind that Wushan was not only strong in spirit, but was also powerful in all aspects. He was a true wicked genius.

Neither Xiao Yushu nor Qiu Yuanshan, nor anyone else in fact, could compete with Wu Shan.

Moreover, Su Mo’s prestigious name of ‘Wu Shan’ was not restricted to Palmy City, but the name had spread rapidly across the stars surrounding it.

Zang Renjie’s prestige resounded in more than a dozen branches nearby. After he was killed, this breaking news would also spread quickly as the disciples left the birthday banquet.

It did not take long for the countless warriors from the dozens of branches across the many stars to find out that there was a wicked genius in the Palmy Branch.

But ever since the banquet, Su Mo seemed to have faded from the public’s eye, as though he had gone missing, no longer coming out.

‘Time pa.s.sed. A year went by in the blink of an eye.

In the chamber, Su Mo’s eyes snapped open. The effects of the Deva Elixir had long subsided. He had also devoured a lot of Five Elements Dawn Stones.

After a year of training, he had moved onto a different level at Ninth Grade, Middle Rank.

And the power of his Devouring Rule had also increased from from the Fifth Order Great Completion to the Sixth Order Initial Stage. He had not touched the other Rules.

For him, the Devouring Rule was fundamental. The power of other Rules did not require studying, for he could always consume them later.

“Tm not far from the Supreme Being Realm!”

Su Mo took a deep breath. Once he got to the Supreme Being Realm, he planned to leave the Cloud Ridge World immediately and head to the Wasteland to find Zi Xiao.

Next, he shut his eyes again and continued his training. He still had resources to last for some time longer.

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