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Chapter 2643: Dosu Star

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Qinghua Star, Qinghua Star Branch, Tian Jue Mansion.

An elder in a green robe with a youthful look was sitting on the main seat, and a skinny youth in a black s.h.i.+rt was standing in front of him.

“Teacher, Wu Shan has left Palmy Star for Dosu Star.” The skinny youth reported respectfully to Reverend Tian


When Reverend Tian Jue heard what the skinny youth had said, an immense killing intent flashed across his eyes. After pondering for a while, he pa.s.sed down the order, saying, “Ye Jin, kill him to avenge your Junior Brother.”

When the skinny youth by the name of Ye Jin heard what Reverend Tian Jue had said, he shook his head and responded, “Teacher, Wu Shan is traveling with Reverend Jin Wu’s disciple, Xuan Qing, and Reverend Tian Hua’s disciple, Quan Ruhai. We have to kill all three of them if we wish to kill Wu Shan. If we don’t do that, war will likely take place when Palmy Branch finds out about it. Teacher, please think over it carefully as this is a serious matter.”

When Reverend Tian Jue heard what Ye Jin had said, he started to ponder. Ye Jin was right. Since Wu Shan had become Reverend Jin Wu’s disciple, Reverend Jin Wu would be enraged if he were to send someone to kill Wu Shan. He would be asking for trouble.

If they killed Wu Shan, Xuan Qing, and Quan Ruhai, it would be a serious matter. Once Palmy Branch found out about it, they would go berserk.

“Teacher, Junior Brother Zang was killed during the sparring session but Wu Shan was not punished as he said that it was an accident. However, if we attack Wu Shan openly, the Headquarters will get to know about it and they will put the blame on us.” Ye Jin said respectfully. In fact, he had the desire to avenge his Junior Brother, but he had to think twice before taking any action. He did not want to be blinded by revenge and create more problems.

“How about this? Get a Rank 9 Advanced True G.o.d to head over to Dosu Star. Ask him to make it look as though he killed Wu Shan accidentally while they were fighting over the Dosu Fruit.” Reverend Tian Jue said. They had to send a Rank 9 Advanced True G.o.d and not a Supreme Being as the Supreme Beings were prohibited to enter Dosu Star

“Yes!” Ye Jin nodded. He was a Supreme Being and it was not convenient for him to do the job. However, there were many Rank 9 True G.o.ds in Qinghua Branch.

“Get someone powerful to do the job!” Reverend Tian Jue reminded Ye Jin.

“Teacher, don’t worry. Although Wu Shan is powerful, he does not have a high cultivation level.”

After pondering for a while, Ye Jin smiled and said, “Teacher, shall we get Ge Li to kill Wu Shan?”

“Ge Li?”

Reverend Tian Jue was surprised at the suggestion but soon, he broke out into a smile and said, “I believe that Ge Li will do a good job!”

Ge Li!

Ge Li was a peculiar man in Qinghua Star Branch. Although he was not as talented as Zang Renjie, he was a Rank 9 Advanced True G.o.d and his strength was manifold stronger than that of Zang Renjie.

However, Ge Li did not have a Teacher as no elder wanted to accept him as their disciple.

Ge Li was ruthless and he had no qualms about killing. He was an extremist. He had killed his fellow disciples before and that had brought alarm to many people.

However, Qinghua Branch had not put him to death and had merely punished him lightly as he was highly talented.

Ge Li was a pain in the neck and he was untameable.

However, no one in the entirety of Qinghua Branch could do a better job than Ge Li when it came to killing.

“I will see to it right away!” Ye Jin cupped his fist and left.

Su Mo, Ling Chang, and Quan Ruhai were flying in the starry sky and they were heading to Dosu Star.

Dosu Star was not too far away and it was located in the region of Ancient Cloud Star Alliance. There were more than 30 stars between Palmy Star and Dosu Star.

After flying for about 16 hours, the three of them saw Dosu Star from afar.

The size of the star was one-tenth that of Palmy Star, and it was covered by fog. One was unable to see the situation in it.

A huge array was surrounding Dosu Star like a huge bubble.

Many people were scattered in all directions outside Dosu Star and there were around 10,000 of them.

Su Mo saw some familiar faces. Those were the disciples who had attended Reverend Tian Hua’s birthday banquet, and they were from Palmy Branch and other branches. Feng Yifei and Qiu Yuanshan were among them.

Su Mo, Ling Chang, and Quan Ruhai stopped outside Dosu Star, around three kilometers away from the Air s.h.i.+eld Array

Dosu Star is unique!

Su Mo stared at Dosu Star and saw thick fog surging and a gale whizzing in it. There were thunderbolts and flames raging, and it looked like a deserted place.

Other than these, he was unable to see the situation in Dosu Star.

“Wu Shan, the root of Dosu Tree is cultivated from the Path Fruit in the Primitive Continent. It is divine and abstruse. The Dosu Tree can only be found in Dosu Star, which explains the uniqueness of the Star.” Quan Ruhai explained with a smile. Although he appeared to be explaining it to Su Mo, he was, in fact, telling Su Mo and Ling Chang.

“Will there be any danger in this star?” Su Mo asked.

“Yes. There will be great dangers.”

Quan Ruhai nodded. With a grave look, he said, “You never know what to expect in Dosu Star. All sorts of things can be found there and it is full of danger. We have to be careful when getting the Dosu Fruits as we can be killed by the other disciples.”

Although the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance forbade killing, if one was killed in Dosu Star, he had to resign himself to his fate as no one would look into the matter.

However, if someone openly killed another disciple, they would be punished.

“The three of us should stick together and not act alone!” Ling Chang said. Although she and Su Mo were powerful, there were many people around. People were flooding to Dosu Star every second and if they did not join forces, it would be difficult for them to get the Dosu Fruits with so many people around.


Su Mo and Quan Ruhai nodded.

“The Dosu Tree possesses high spiritual intelligence. The array outside Dosu Star is meant to stop the outsiders from entering Dosu Star and to prevent the Dosu Tree from escaping…”

Quan Ruhai explained the situation in Dosu Star to Su Mo and Ling Chang.

With the explanation from Quan Ruhai, Su Mo and Ling Chang had a good grasp of the situation in Dosu Star


Suddenly, more than 10 people walked toward the three of them. They were from Palmy Branch, and Qiu Yuanshan was among them.

“Senior Brother Quan!”

“Greetings, Senior Brother Quan!”

“How are you, Senior Brother Quan!”

The group of them cupped their fist and treated Quan Ruhai with respect. They greeted Ling Chang and Su Mo

as well.

However, they did not pay much attention to Su Mo and Ling Chang as they were not close to them.

“Since all of us are from Palmy Branch, let’s work hand in hand with one another!” Quan Ruhai said. It would be easier for them to get hold of the Dosu Fruits if they had more help.


“I agree!”

“With Senior Brother Quan as our leader, we will have a higher chance of getting hold of the Dosu Fruits!”

Everyone agreed.

“Brother Wu Shan, I hope you will forgive me for behaving recklessly at Myriad Holy Mountain!”

Qiu Yuanshan cupped his fist and looked awkwardly at Su Mo as he stood before him.

Back then, Qiu Yuanshan had had clashes with Su Mo at Myriad Holy Mountain. Since Su Mo had become more powerful and he was Reverend Jin Wu’s disciple at that moment, Qiu Yuanshan had to apologize to Su Mo lest Su Mo got back at him in the future.

“I had forgotten about it!” Su Mo replied with a smile. He did not hold it against Qiu Yuanshan.

When Qiu Yuanshan heard Su Mo’s reply, he broke into a smile. He was glad that Su Mo had not taken it to heart.

The group of them started to chat as they waited. It would take a few more days for the Dosu Fruits to ripen.

There was no value in the Dosu Fruit if it was not ripe, it would be like any other Spiritual Fruit.

The number of people kept increasing as the disciples from the various branches in the surrounding stars continued to flood in.

Two days later, the number of people who had gathered around Dosu Star amounted to 50,000 people, and the lowest cultivation level among them was Rank 9 Lower True G.o.d Realm.

No one below Rank 9 was present as they would likely lose their lives in Dosu Star if they were to enter.

Thus, only those who were at Rank 9 were present.

That said, there were some Supreme Beings standing around but it was only a handful of them.

It was so as no Supreme Beings was allowed to enter Dosu Star. The Dosu Star was a test as well as an opportunity for the disciples who were below the Supreme Being Realm.

Anyway, the Supreme Beings were not interested in the Dosu Fruit as it did not benefit them as much.

However, the Supreme Beings would linger outside Dosu Star to rob the disciples of their Dosu Fruits.

Thus, everyone would be wary of the Supreme Beings as there was a high possibility that they were there to rob them..

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