Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2644 – Above The Law

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Chapter 2644: Above The Law

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Dosu Fruit was very attractive to everyone below the Supreme Being Realm.

Disciples representing the hundreds of branches of Ancient Cloud Star Alliance around Dosu Star had arrived.

But, as everyone knew, only three thousand Dosu Fruits would be available each time they ripened, so not all disciples above the Ninth Grade would come to Dosu Star.

Yet, even so, as time pa.s.sed, as the Dosu Fruits gradually ripened, hundreds upon thousands of people gathered around Dosu Star.

About thirty disciples of Palmy Branch, including Su Mo and Ling Chang, had gathered together in a group.

Of course, that was not all of them. Others were scattered in nearby places.

“Hmm?” Su Mo’s eyes spun and stared. He spotted Xiao Yushu.

He was with several disciples in another direction.

Su Mo could not tell whether those disciples were from the Palmy Branch or from other branches.

Su Mo paused for a while when he saw that. Then he asked the ones next to him, including Quan Ruhai and Qiu Yuanshan, “Hey, what punishment will the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance disciples face if they openly kill their fellow men?”

The people were taken aback, not understanding why Su Mo would ask something like that. Qiu Yuanshan replied first, “Brother Wu Shan, the Alliance strictly forbids that, but if it happens, it still depends on the status and positions of the killer and the victim.”

“What if you killed a regular disciple?” Su Mo asked.

“Me?” Qiu Yuanshan grinned and said proudly, “If I did that, I’d get a small punishment, nothing major, but if I killed an Elder’s disciple, I’d be heavily penalised.”

“Got it!” Su Mo nodded and turned away.

Qiu Yuanshan and the others were confused by his actions. Even Ling Chang grew suspicious.

Only Quan Ruhai had his eyebrows raised. He spotted Xiao Yushu from afar. He knew that Xiao Yushu had been secretly dealing with Su Mo.

“He wants to kill Xiao Yushu?” Quan Ruhai speculated. He supposed Wu Shan already knew about it and wanted to make a move.

As he thought, he saw Su Mo stride towards Xiao Yushu.

From a distance, Xiao Yushu had also spotted Su Mo. His face fell.

Very soon, Su Mo approached Xiao Yushu and stopped thousands of feet before the man.

“Xiao Yushu, how have you been?” Su Mo said with a grin, which sent s.h.i.+vers down Xiao Yushu’s spine.

“Wu Shan, what brings you here?” Xiao Yushu calmed down and asked, devoid of expression.

The people with Xiao Yushu also came to check on Su Mo. They were disciples of the Palmy Branch too. Some of them knew Su Mo and some did not.

“Tm here to kill you!” Su Mo snickered.

“Wu Shan, you’re crazy!” Xiao Yushu paled even more when he heard that. He retreated two steps to the back and roared from within, “Do you think you can do whatever you want and go above the law just because you’re Reverend Jin Wu’s student? Don’t forget, I used to be his apprentice too!”

Xiao Yushu’s roar vibrated in all directions and immediately caught everyone’s attention.

However, although Xiao Yushu’s roar was loud, he obviously lacked anger and was afraid. He might have attained Ninth Grade, Middle Rank, but he knew he could not compete with Su Mo.

“Well, pardon me, I really can get above the law!” Su Mo said coldly. Flas.h.i.+ng the Ultimate Sacred Sword in his hand, he charged forward.

Suddenly, a huge chaotic sword shadow wielding magnificent might came at Xiao Yushu at an unparalleled speed.

This blow was terrifying. It contained a powerful Devouring Power used to restrain Xiao Yushu’s speed. He could not avoid it. He could only resist.

“Not good!”

“Run for cover!”

“It’s so powerful!”

The disciples of the Palmy branch who were with Xiao Yushu were scared out of their wits when they saw Su Mo fire the shot. They scrambled for their lives.

‘As Su Mo’s target, under the effect of the Devouring Power, Xiao Yushu could not escape in time.

Facing such a terrible blow, he could only rely on his own strength to block it.

As the sword shadow approached him, Xiao Yushu suddenly roared. A huge s.h.i.+eld appeared in his hand.

The purplish-black s.h.i.+eld was as large as a door and surrounded by purple light.


There was a loud blast. The huge sword shadow slammed heavily on the s.h.i.+eld, igniting a horrific force, setting off huge waves, causing some people in the distance to retreat quickly.


Blood spewed out of Xiao Yushu’s mouth and was instantly annihilated by the shockwave.

Xiao Yushu’s body was. .h.i.t out of the field like a cannonball.

Xiao Yushu was strong, at least several times stronger than the ordinary Ninth Grade, Middle Rank fighter, but he could not compete with Su Mo.


Xiao Yushu was scared to death by a single deadly blow. He turned tail and and fled while he still could.

“Go and die!” Su Mo raised his sword as he got ready another attack.

But something else happened. A figure blocked his way.

It’s Quan Ruhai!

“Wu Shan, don’t be rash, killing one of our own is a sin!” Quan Ruhai exclaimed.

“You want to stop me?” Su Mo eyed him coldly.

“Tm stopping you from making a big mistake. If he has offended you in any way, you can let Reverend Jin Wu decide for you!” said Quan Ruhai solemnly.

But he was not thinking on Su Mo’s behalf. He did not want to see Su Mo show off again, and did not want to see Xiao Yushu killed.

“Y-You!” Su Mo was furious. Let Reverend Jin Wu decide? Wouldn’t that be nonsense? The old man was extremely forgiving. He definitely would not have Xiao Yushu killed.

He stole a glance at Xiao Yushu far away. His target had turned into a small black dot and was about to disappear from his sight.

He could not catch up even if he started immediately.

“Brother Quan, thank you for your advice!” Su Mo’s face sank as he returned to the group.

It seemed he had failed to kill Xiao Yushu. He would have to do it another time. But it would not be simple as now the man would be on alert.

He was annoyed because he was not sure if Quan Ruhai had his best intentions at heart or if he had deliberately let Xiao Yushu go. The latter was very likely.

“Quan Ruhai, I hope you don’t challenge me!” Su Mo muttered in secret. If Quan Ruhai was up to something, he would kill him too. Never mind that he was Priest Tian Hua’s disciple.

Quan Ruhai snickered when Su Mo decided to quit, but he still appeared solemn nonetheless.

Then he came to Su Mo’s side again and explained to him the serious consequences of killing Xiao Yushu.

At this moment, in the s.p.a.ce outside Dosu Star, countless people were discussing Su Mo in low voices.

“He’s Wu Shan, isn’t he? He’s undoubtedly strong, no wonder he managed to kill Zang Renjie!”

“He’s crazy and lawless! He dared to attack his fellow man unscrupulously.”

“Theard Reverend Jin Wu expelled Xiao Yushu because of Su Mo too.”

Many of them were a.s.sessing Su Mo’s strength because Zang Renjie’s death had raised a lot of questions. Su Mo’s fame had spread everywhere, and now many had gotten to witness his skills themselves..

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