Zhan Long Chapter 1178: Waiting for the profit

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Chapter 1178: Waiting for the profit

I was shocked, I didn’t expect that Clear Black Eyes feared me so much. To avoid me, she was willing to face Sky Rose’s army?

The battle on the ground had opened up. Sky Rose brought around 10 thousand Strong Wind Cavalry and not all of them. He was only able to gather so many. However, with this number, he did have a chance.

“Lightning Trampling Cavalry, block!”

Clear Black Eyes stood in the crowd and ordered, “Archer, Mages continue to attack. Use your spells to slow them down!”

In the end, Beautiful Life’s players were like magicians. They let the Strong Wind Cavalry charge at them as they depended on their ranged players to attack. What was worse was that Ink Iron Boots was retreating and used the Saint Spirit Box to draw the Strong Wind Cavalry deeper in!


Sky Rose’s shoulder was red and this was the effect of Magma Shield which helped her to block some damage. At the same time, flames shot out from her blade. After killing a few Lightning Trampling Cavalries, Sky Rose used Blade Rush to slice into the stomach of a Mage. She turned around and used Magma Break. A volcano shot into the crowd and it broke the Indian players’ formation. Sky Rose looked back and noticed that her Strong Wind Cavalry was suffering heavy losses. Pain flashed on her face but she continued to charge at Ink Iron Boots.

One had to say that Sky Rose was a combat master and her attacks were fierce and accurate. She was probably top three in the server but her opponent was another master. Sky Rose was like a strong sword while Clear Black Eyes was like a net. She allowed Sky Rose to attack but she wasn’t to be defeated!

Time pa.s.sed bit by bit and Sky Rose’s Strong Wind Cavalry started to dwindle. In less than 20 minutes half of them were lost and the remaining half were down to low health. Their health was within 30-70%. However, they had to tank damage while fighting for the Saint Spirit Box. It was as if they were sitting on needles.


In the crowd, there was an explosion. Seven Feather’s sword energy swept the Indian players aside. He moved in a Z pattern to dodge arrows while shouting, “Sky Rose, we can’t fight for long. Let’s retreat. There will be a chance, we have managed to hold them here!”

Sky Rose turned around and held her sword up, “Iron Skull City brothers, retreat!”

The Strong Wind Cavalry was quick and Lightning Trampling Cavalries couldn’t catch up. In a blink of an eye, thousands were gone.

But Clear Black Eyes didn’t have a chance to breathe. The moment Iron Skull City was gone, a bunch came from the west to block Saint Spirit Box from getting to Seven Shine City. These bunch was from the English and French regions. After losing Moon City, they were at the sh.o.r.e of Sea of No Return while some went to Iron Skull City and Swirling Abyss City.

From afar, there were people that I knew. Smile, level 214, Thunder G.o.d’s Guild Leader. He held a spear and led tens of thousands of people to attack!

The ground was a mess. I was speechless, when was my chance? Weren’t they just adding to the chaos!

The situation was much more complicated than I imagined.

Not only were there people from the English and French regions, but people from the Indian Region also started to fight for it. Even if they were from Saint Spirit Box, but they didn’t want Clear Black Eyes to get it. Even if she was the G.o.ddess of the region but like me, no one could unite the hearts of the entire server.

Things got messier and messier. Not long later, a bunch came from the southeast. The leader was Demon Mountain and he brought around 1000 Nine Heavens City elites, really… Demon Mountain reached sooner than Zhan Long. Shouldn’t he be further away?

The only explanation was that he was training with the elites deep in the Hybrid Demon Territory. When he saw the system notification he just walked over. But to rely on a few hundred to fight for the box, that was too much?

Beautiful Life sent 70-80 thousand out of the city and now they were starting to fall apart. Clear Black Eyes couldn’t stop them at all.


Her voice was filled with exhaustion, “I will fend off Smile. Take 3000 Lightning Trampling Cavalry and get back to the city. We have an agreement with Conquer the World, Drunk Maple will help!”


Ink Iron Boots turned around and left to retreat.

Smile tried to block but Clear Black Eyes intercepted them.

En, this was my chance. The chariots were heavy so they couldn’t keep up to Ink Iron Boots’s speed. Once they separated, that would be my chance to attack!

I hid in the clouds while observing everything below. The war below exploded so no one would be paying attention to me?

The ground was in chaos. Demon Mountain led the Nine Heavens City to charge at the 3000 from Ink Iron Boots. They paid a heavy price but they got close. Demon Mountain smashed into Ink Iron Boots’s guards but they were forced back.

This was my chance!

I dove down and was around 100 meters away from the ground. At this point, moonlight was shining above. In the distance, Seven Shine City was close. If Ink Iron Boots held on he would be able to enter.

However, G.o.d wasn’t going to give him this chance!


During the 6th charge, Demon Mountain’s Fire G.o.d Spear smashed onto Ink Iron Boots’s shield. One could imagine how high his defence was but even then he lost 90 thousand health. But he still counter attacked with his shield and that dealt 80 thousand damage. In a blink of an eye, Demon Mountain had less than 30% health left!

Ink Iron Boots was bold too and he spread his arm to use h.e.l.l Dragon to attack.


Demon Mountain smiled. He retreated and healed. He had low health but he was still calm.

Not good, there was something wrong!

Ink Iron Boots’s spear landed on Demon Mountain’s shoulder and Demon Mountain fell to the ground. I was shocked. How could Demon Mountain not be his match? Demon Mountain was the top in GBN and was someone on the level of Drunk Maple and Sky Rose. How would he get one shot?

But he just fell into the bushes. Ink Iron Boots was filled with killing intent, even if he had the Saint Spirit Box he had to kill him!


He pierced his spear forwards and went all out. However, a red dagger shot out from s.p.a.ce and blocked his spear. It was an a.s.sa.s.sin covered in leather. Level 213 a.s.sa.s.sin, ID Ghost Eye. He was familiar, he was the 9th in GBN and he had the t.i.tle of top Nine Heavens City a.s.sa.s.sin!

Under the moonlight, he looked really young and he was even just a kid. But his fighting intent was not like a kid. He used Gouge to stun Ink Iron Boots. He was really fast and one couldn’t catch him with one’s naked eye. He slide behind him and his daggers danced to deal high damage. Shocking numbers rose up–






Five attacks and three were crits. a.s.sa.s.sins’ single target damage couldn’t compare with Berserkers or Warriors but their critical strike rate was high. They attacked quickly so it was really terrifying. Instantly a series of numbers rose up. Ink Iron Boots who was the top cavalry in Beautiful Life was killed and the Saint Spirit Box was dropped.


Ghost Eye was quick and kept the box. Demon Mountain who was just acting wiped off the blood and laughed, “Use your Wind Controlling Technique and bring the box away!”


Ghost Eye’s voice was a little young and he charged with the Saint Spirit Box in hand. His movement speed increased and he was on the level of Mei’er and I. What a terrifying a.s.sa.s.sin!


I used Icy Wings and chased. I had to kill him and get the box!

Wind Controlling Technique wouldn’t last for long and he shouldn’t be able to stealth with the box. As long as I keep up, I would definitely get it.

“Sha sha”, Ghost Eye was in the forest and I flew at a low alt.i.tude.

He looked at me and his eyes were filled with a mocking expression, “Hey!”

This brat was looking down on me…

A few seconds later, the quickness effect was gone but he used an unknown skill and his speed only reduced by a little. Behind him, many cavalries were flung aside. The person with the box couldn’t flee out of Seven Shine City’s map which meant that he would just end up with me in this forest.


I slashed and used Blade Spin!

It was as if Ghost Eye had eyes behind his back. He changed directions to dodge it. I continued to chase as I had to kill him!

However, when he lowered his head to charge, a light flashed across!


Ghost Eye smashed into a golden shield and he was forced back. The Saint Spirit Box nearly flew out of his hands. At the same time, a spear flew out and pierced his chest!


Critical Strike, insta kill! Which cavalry had such damage?

I raised my head and saw a smile, Drunken Spear smiled at me, “I am just a camper?”

I was speechless, “So it is you.”


At the side, another person flashed across quickly. It was an a.s.sa.s.sin who picked it up and ran!

Drunken Spear slapped his horse, “Stop talking, let’s get the box first!”

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